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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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ICCIE 2017 Holds Contract-signing Ceremony for Key Cultural and Creative Projects

Sep 13, 2017 3:59:28 PM

On Sept. 12th, ICCIE 2017 held the contract-signing ceremony for key cultural and creative projects, under the witness of Cheng Hong, Vice Chairman of the ICCIE Organizing Committee and Vice Mayor of Beijing. Projects involved come from companies and institutions at home and abroad. Focused on the theme of “integration of culture and technology, inheritance and innovative development”, the projects give weight to innovation, regional cooperation, and the temper of the times. A total of 22 contracts, worth RMB 15.5968 billion, were signed by 47 entities from Beijing, Xinjiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Guizhou etc. The event showcases ICCIE’s exemplary role in leading the cultural and creative industry while underscoring Beijing’s status as a national cultural center. As the event shows, investors and partners are attracted to the following:

1.       Cultural investment

The value of the five contracts for Sino-foreign cooperation on cultural investment is RMB 6.756 billion, accounting for 43% of the total. The sheer amount offers a peek into the diversified modes and momentum of such cooperation. The China-Russia international performance project, undertaken by Jinci International Performance (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Russian National Circus Company, aims to bring Russian circus shows to China by the agency of Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone and the National Base for International Culture Trade. The project caters to the ever-growing needs of international cultural markets and gives a boost for bilateral cultural exchanges. Yuanmeng Shijie Film and TV Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Ouhua Hengjing (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. will set up a JVC to learn from and engage with World Film Institute and Hollywood film groups; in particular, the projects of Hollywood Tribute Academy and Hollywood Coffee are intended to import the sophisticated processes of film production, post-production and sound effect production as well as Hollywood fashion and food. And the China-Argentina culture trade platform, undertaken by the Administrative Committee of Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone and Argentine-Chinese Chamber of Production, Industry and Commerce, will focus on introducing Argentine sports, culture, tourism and trade projects.

2.        Featured towns

Given the greater attention and support from both the central and local governments, featured towns are on the fast track of development. So it is no surprise that two contracts, worth RMB 3.559 billion, were signed for featured town construction at the ceremony. Songzhuang Art Town will fully unleash the advantages of its two developers - Beijing Cultural Real Estate Co., Ltd. and a subsidiary of China Finance & Economy Media Group - in cultural and creative zone construction, operation and media promotion. In the town you will find an art & creativity office building, headquarters of media companies, artwork exhibition plaza, art creation plaza, art gallery, and Chinese art exchange center. As flagship companies move in, the town will stand as a model of “culture +”. Xiqi Ancient Town, developed by Huadao Guoli (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Qizhou Culture Tourism Development Co., Ltd., is located north of Qishan County, the birthplace of the Rites of Zhou and an important hub along the Silk Road. Focused on the themes of family names, The I Ching, and the Rites of Zhou, the town will carry forward the traditions of ancestor worship, marry outstanding traditional culture with religious belief, and in turn set an example of urbanization and poverty alleviation.

3.    Industrial parks

Nine contracts for industrial parks were signed at the ceremony, including Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, Beijing Yizhuang Bonded Direct Purchase Center, Dream 2049, and E-business Valley. On the strength of its favorable policies and status as a national foreign trade base, Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone has inked deals with China Clean Government Culture Film and TV Center, China-Russia international performance cooperation, and China-Argentina culture trade platform. On the strength of bonded logistics, O2O, and “Intelligent No.1” e-business database, Beijing Yizhuang Bonded Direct Purchase Center stroke partnerships with a) Kashgar, to promote the brand of ET Bonded in Xinjiang and Central Asia; b) Huizhou District Government, Huangshan City, to jointly develop Huizhou Culture Tourism Trade Logistics Park; and c) Water Rock Technology, to build an AI innovation and application laboratory. Dream 2049 will team up with Jizhou District Government, Ji’an City, Jiangxi to establish an international cultural and creative industry park, which will constellate projects regarding technical application and innovation, Luling folk culture, imperial examination culture, film, advertising, and new media - and serve as an incubator for cultural and creative companies. BGT International Environment Technology Co., Ltd. will soon join the family of E-business Valley after contract-signing.

4.    “Culture +”

Nowadays, every sector is dancing attendance on culture. So is “culture +” a defining element of the event.

Culture + technology: The strategic cooperation project for VR development, undertaken by Beijing HuaYun-ShangDe International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. and its partner, will provide unique viewing experience by designing, developing and integrating full-dome solutions, and employing the fixed or mobile 360° projection system. The Maker Workshop Innovation Laboratory will build innovation laboratories and provide courses/training for 500 maker workshops and 1,000 universities, secondary and primary schools around the country. There is also a strategic cooperation project for R&D and marketing of Uyghur-Chinese real-time translation devices. Based on world-leading phonetic translation technology, these devices are compact, convenient and powerful.

Culture + finance: Beijing Culture & Technology Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. extended a credit guarantee for an RMB 2 million working capital loan to “lucky boy”, an original animation image patented by Beijing Zhitu Tianxia Culture Media Co., Ltd., as a show of support for light-asset micro cultural companies.

Culture + eldercare: The healthcare and rehabilitation standards certification project for elderly sojourners will provide regulatory basis for the industry, guaranteeing both the quantity and the quality of eldercare products.

Other culture + projects include the joint promotion project for specialty agro-products of Congjiang County, Guizhou, and China Clean Government Culture Film and TV Center.

5.    Regional Cooperation

The event has attracted the participation of cultural companies and institutions from Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Hebei, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Anhui, Shenzhen etc. Together with organizations in Beijing, they have helped establish Beijing as a national cultural center - and ICCIE as a national industrial platform.