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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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The 12th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo Dropped Curtain

Sep 18, 2017 8:52:53 AM

On September 12, 2017, the Fourth Beijing Cultural Integration Development Project Cooperation Promotion Conference has been successfully held at the Landmark Convention Centre. At the conference, Beijing Cultural and Technological Integration Development Research Center (BCTIDRC) has been founded, with a record high of RMB 6.5 billion in the value of cultural integration development projects signed.


The 12th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE) has been held from September 11th to 13th in Beijing. As an important event for the promotion and transaction sector of ICCIE 2017, this year’s promotion conference, with the theme of “Integrated development of culture and technology through Innovation”, is co-hosted by State-owned Cultural Asset Supervision and Administration Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality (SOCASAO), Industrial Culture Development Center of MIIT and China Animation Comic Game Group.


With the aims to implement “Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Cultural Innovation and Design Service and Integration Development of Relevant Industries” and “Action plan (2015-2020) of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality for Promoting Cultural Innovation and Design Service and Integration Development of Relevant Industries”, the promotion conference advances the fusion development of capital cultural industry with relevant industries, through effectively integrating capital culture, science and technology, education, tourism, sports, business, and finance, thus to further the construction of national cultural center. The promotion conference, by way of project promotion, displays Beijing’s outstanding cultural integration industry projects, providing a communication platform for landing projects.


More than 300 representatives from Beijing cultural and creative enterprises, investment and financing institutions, scientific research institutions, communities and organizations and news media like Beijing Cultural Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd, Beijing International Advertising & Communication Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST), have been invited to the promotion conference. The SOCASAO and BJAST have signed a strategic cooperation agreement and unveiled BCTIDRC to carry out researches on the deep integration of culture and technology, thus to facilitate more excellent cultural integration enterprises to grow and develop stronger in Beijing and to boost transformation and application of innovative achievements. Enterprises have been active in signing agreements at the conference, with a record high of RMB 6.5 billion in the value of 18 projects signed.


The promotion takes the form of “enterprise introduction + achievement demonstration + cooperation negotiation”, exhibiting and promoting the latest achievements and projects of more than 20 cultural integration enterprises covering integration of culture and technology, culture and education, culture and tourism, culture and sports, culture and commerce, and culture and finance. Principals of relevant cultural enterprises and investment and financing institutions, and experts of well-known scientific research institutions are also invited to jointly explore cultural integration industry development trend and project cooperation model.


Promoted are projects with independent innovation and creative themes. The Instreet Pop culture community project, which is promoted by the Instreet (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on HipHop, with free and unrestrained instreet spirit, is committed to construct an instreet pop culture community with top-ranking user experience; the “China’s Art Town―Songzhuang” project, an international art cluster created by Beijing Cultural Real Estate Co., Ltd., will be an art industrial area covering the whole industry chain; the “Art + 1: Intelligent Big Data of Art Works” comprehensive platform developed by Beijing HualiBiwei Culture Service Co., Ltd. will provide authoritative, impartial and scientific attestation service of art works for artists, trading institutions and other areas of the market; “Yun Teng Plan” developed by iQIYI is to promote a new era of network literature and to jointly guide the healthy incubation of original IP with industry chain parties; “A Gu Ba Dun”, an original cartoon, is adopted from a Tibetan folk tale by Tianli Cultural and Educational Technology Group; the China television net project promoted by Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd. will extend to the Internet, IPTV, and mobile terminal, constructing a cross-regional, cross-network, cross-terminal network integration development platform; the calligraphy education project organized by Beijing Lilyshow Cultural Development Co., Ltd. utilizes the advanced “calligraphy and emotion management system” and creates a calligraphy culture phenomenon to realize the calligraphy dream of most Chinese people; the immersive panoramic experience project―"Return to the Jurassic Period" presented by Beijing VRfly Technology Co., Ltd. makes use of VR and holographic technology to display the age of dinosaurs and a full view of the four scenic areas of Chishui city, bringing strong visual impact and spiritual shock to the audience; the convergence media platform constructed by Beijing New Media (Group) Co., Ltd. renders exclusive customized services, like cloud, big data, and intelligent AI, for media; the VOFRID immersion project of Beijing Vofrid Culture Communication Co., Ltd., an innovative product which integrates science and technology, culture, and art, and can be used in multi-fields, enables the audience to enjoy the pleasure of integration of technology and culture in a more realistic and vivid way; the sport for all platform of Beijing Fifth Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. innovatively establishes a “three in one” business model consisting of online platform, games and activities and motion space, creating a more convenient and pleasant experience for the audience; the digital television net library innovated by the Cloud Nine Media Group makes advantage of cable TV network to realize nationwide reading; the iron openwork in the Great Wall area demonstrated by Great Wall Iron Openwork (Beijing) Folk Culture Communication Co., Ltd. promotes the inheritance and innovation of intangible cultural heritage; Framestore's creative visual effect experience platform combines world's leading visual technology with Beijing's distinctive history and culture, using advanced technology and creativity to promote Chinese culture to the world. A total of 22 outstanding projects are presented respectively at this’s year promotion conference.


Zhao Lei, secretary of Party Committee and director of the SOCASAO, mentioned that in recent years, as Beijing’s strategic pillar industry, the cultural and creative industry, which has been continuously highlighted, has played a more and more crucial role in accelerating capital function dispersal and the city’s industrial structure reconstruction and upgrading. In 2016, the added value of Beijing’s cultural and creative industry has reached RMB 357.05 billion, accounting for 14.3% of the GDP. In the first half of 2017, Beijing’s cultural and creative enterprises above designated size have attained RMB 690.27 billion, increasing 8.6% year on year; fixed assets investment in the city's cultural and creative industry has reached RMB 14.16 billion, up 36.42% year on year, continually driving the economic growth of the capital.


In addition, director Zhao Lei introduced that, in order to continuously follow up and profoundly master the construction of Beijing cultural and creative industry functional zone, “Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Functional Zone Development Report (2016)” compiled by the SOCASAO will be published soon.


This year’s promotion conference is co-organized by BJAST, Beijing Cultural Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd, and Beijing International Advertising & Communication Group Co., Ltd., supported by Culture and Technology Innovation Service Alliance, National Cultural Soft Power Research Center of Peking University, Capital Culture Industry Association, Beijing Research Center for Science of Science, Science Technology Commission of Chaoyang District Beijing China, Beijing Haidian Creative Industry Association and Chamber of Commerce of Asian Sports Village of Beijing, and presented by Beijing World Trade Center, a public institution directly under CCPIT Beijing.