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Oct 25 - Oct 28, 2018 - Beijing, China
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News Briefing about the 13th China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE)

Oct 23, 2018 9:14:31 AM

Friends from the media, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Good morning!

The 13th China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE), which is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Radio and Television Administration, National Press and Publication Administration and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and organized by CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council, is to be held from October 25th to 28th in Beijing. Now, entrusted by the Organizing Committee, I will give a brief introduction to friends and guests from the media about the general arrangements and preparations for the 13th ICCIE.

Founded in 2006, the ICCIE is a large-scale international cultural and creative industry event held in Beijing annually. It has been held for twelve consecutive sessions, and has become an important platform for demonstrating the civilized image of the nation, enhancing cultural self-confidence at home, and leading and demonstrating the national cultural construction. According to incomplete statistics, the previous twelve sessions attracted 651 government and enterprise delegations from more than 100 countries and regions, including those from the United Nations, the European Union, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Olympic Committee, the World Animation Association and other international organizations with 17,862 overseas professionals attending. 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions were represented. They held 1,439 events altogether with a total exhibition area of 2.3 million square meters and 12.93 million people from all walks of life participating. The ICCIE, with its huge scale, rich content, extensive international participation and fruitful innovative achievements, has produced a strong response from the cultural and creative circles at home and abroad.

The present ICCIE will thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the National Conference on Publicity and Ideological Work and the important speeches delivered during his two inspection tours in Beijing. Focusing on the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the “Belt and Road” initiative, it will give full play to the functions of the national cultural center in agglomeration, radiant drive, innovation guide, exhibition, exchange and service guarantee. By setting up a “six in one” platform for comprehensive activities, exhibitions, trade promotions, forums and conferences, creative activities, and sub-venues, it will display the major achievements in the past year since the formation of the Leading Group of National Cultural Center Construction to promote the integration of cultural and creative industries with science and technology, finance, tourism and sports, give impetus to international cultural exchanges and cooperation, and strive to enhance the influence of Beijing culture and Chinese civilization. The theme of the present ICCIE is “Leading the High quality Development of cultural industries to boost the construction of the national cultural center”.

1. Overall Arrangement of Activities

The 13th ICCIE will hold more than 100 events, covering six series of comprehensive activities, exhibitions, trade promotions, forums and conferences, creative activities, and sub-venue activities. It will also build an official platform for Internet display.

Comprehensive Activities: The opening ceremony and thematic presentation will be held at the Capital Hotel on October 25th. On October 26th, it will hold “the signing ceremony for Beijing’s key projects in cultural and creative industries” at Beijing International Hotel. In September and October, a series of events entitled “Entering the ICCIE to see Beijing” will be organized.

Exhibitions: The main exhibition venue will be located in China International Exhibition Center (Old site), with a total area of 45,000 square meters divided into 20 thematic pavilions, including the exhibition on the frontier of national cultural center, the exhibition on Beijing cultural and creative industry demonstration and leading areas; the exhibition on collaborative cultural innovation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; the third exhibition on featured cultures of countries along the “Belt and Road”; the exhibition on Yongding River culture in the Western Hills; the exhibition on press, publication, radio, film and television; the exhibition on language industry; Beijing international exhibition on resources for the popularization of science, etc.

Trade Promotions: The current ICCIE will hold 11 sessions of specialized trade promotion activities, including Promotion of Beijing’s Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development, Agreement Signing and Brand Promotion of Cultural Finance Innovation Projects, Promotion of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industrial Parks, Promotion of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financing Projects, etc.

Forums and Conferences: The current ICCIE will organize ten specialized forums. They are: the Second China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference; Seminar on Collaborative Development of Museums in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; International Forum on Language and Culture; Forum on the Culture along the Grand Canal Belt; Forum on Yongding River Culture in the Western Hills; Forum on the Culture along the Great Wall Belt; International Forum on the Development of Animation Games; Conference on the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries in Beijing; International Seminar on the Development of Film Industry; and Beijing International Conference on Copyright and China’s Music Industry.

Creative Activities: The current ICCIE will hold seven sessions of creative activities, which include the 13th China Red Star Award for Innovative Design; the 12th “Arts and Crafts Cup” Beijing Traditional Arts and Crafts Design Contest; Beijing College Students’ Creativity Fair; Beijing Teenage Cultural Creativity Festival; Beijing New Rural Youth Creative Design Competition; and International Seminar on Copyright Innovation Service. 

Sub-Venue Activities: The current ICCIE will set up more than 40 sub-venues. Among them, the 11 specialized sub-venues are: the 2nd China Beijing International Language Industry Expo; the 11th Beijing•International Expo of Chinese Cultural Relics; the 2nd ASEAN Cultural Week; the first Beijing International Expo of Resources for the Popularization of Science; the 14th Anniversary Exhibition of China Realist School Paintings; the 4th Guardian•Fine Art Asia Antique Art Week; the 5th China International Expo of Enterprises’ Brand Culture; Exhibition on Competitive Cultural and Creative Products from Beijing and Taipei; Taihu International Book Fair; and “Belt and Road” cultural display and trading activities. More than 30 sub-venues will be set up in various districts.

2. Main Characteristics of the Present ICCIE

The present ICCIE will showcase the new face and new trend of the development of China’s cultural industry, presenting the following characteristics.

1) Focusing on the construction of Beijing as the national cultural center and highlighting the overall value of the cultural capital

Around the overall framework of the cultural center construction of "one core, one city, three belts and two districts", the ancient capital culture, red culture, Beijing flavor culture and innovative culture are highlighted, showing the cohesion, innovation, guidance and competitiveness of the national cultural center. Taking “one city, three belts” as the main line, it will demonstrate the connotation of Beijing's excellent traditional culture. At the main exhibition venue, the exhibition on the frontier of national cultural center will be set up, which will give a panoramic display of the vacating and restoring of high-class cultural relics at important nodes along the central axis such as Jingshan, the Imperial Ancestral Temple, and the Temple of Heaven, the repair of the Bali Bridge and the protection of the Yanqing Temple, with a view to inheriting the historical context and strengthening the profound cultural background of Beijing as a famous historical and cultural city. We will invite Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage and other academic research institutions to hold a forum on the theme of “protection, inheritance and utilization of the three cultural belts” to provide solutions for the protection, inheritance and utilization of the “three cultural belts”. Taihu International Book Fair will set up a special exhibition area of “Three Cultural Belts”, collecting such theme books as “Stories of Old Beijing” and “Promoting Traditional Culture” to publicize the new features of the “Three Cultural Belts”. Haidian District will showcase the profound historical and cultural resources represented by the “Three Mountains and Five Gardens” and highlight the unique ancient capital culture of Haidian. Changping District will focus on the introduction of the source of the Grand Canal, the Baifu Spring site, and the key cultural relics in Changping. Tongzhou District will tap the historical and cultural resources on 17 locations with the Grand Canal as the core to display the achievements of heritage conservation and utilization of the Grand Canal cultural belt, and polishes the cultural symbols. Beijing Press, Publishing, Radio and Television Exhibition Hall will bring a stunning visual experience to the audience by displaying the ancient features of the Grand Canal and the new features of Tongzhou with 3D and streaming media technology. The Yongding River Cultural Exhibition will be led by the Beijing Local Chronicle Office to display the data collected from the first survey of the whole valley of the Yongding River. Shijingshan District, taking “the charm of ancient capital, the style of the times” as the main line, will display a new aspect of the cultural development of Yongding River in the Western Hills. Mentougou District will give a systematic presentation of ancient villages and roads, religious temples and folk customs to comprehensively interpret and promote the great culture of Western Hills and shape the Yongding River cultural brand. The bj.jjj.qq.com will launch a program online to promote the development and protection of the Great Wall cultural belt.

The ICCIE will hold the exhibition on Beijing cultural and creative industry demonstration and leading areas to coordinate participating districts for the integration of superior resources to highlight the first mover advantage of Beijing’s cultural and creative industries. Huairou District will take the demonstration area of film and television industry as the core, focusing on the project of producer headquarters base, development of National Olympic 08 block and film creation space, etc. The East City of Culture will present its drama and cultural cards, concentrating on the “drama ecology” advantages of talent, repertoire, organization, performance, communication and consumption of drama. Focusing on the relaxation of non-capital functions and the construction of a “high-end” industrial structure, the ICCIE will launch more than 10 cases of transforming old factory buildings and markets into featured cultural and creative industrial parks. They include: the project to transform industrial buildings into No.1 cultural industry park at Banbidian in Chaoyang District; transforming Beijing Second Thermal Power Plant into “Tianning 1” cultural and technological innovation park sub-venue in Xicheng District; transforming the fireworks factory into the new national media industry base in Daxing District; and the overview area of film, television and literary creation park in Fangshan District. All this showcases the “emptying the cage for new birds” and “phoenix nirvana” effect of industrial relics, which has effectively promoted the improvement of urban landscape and industrial upgrading.

2) Displaying the charm of Chinese traditional culture and promoting the continuous upgrading of “innovation and entrepreneurship”

The present ICCIE will display in a concentrated manner such traditional cultural products as intangible cultural heritage items and Chinese time-honored brands. After five years, the Palace Museum will make a stunning appearance once again at the Hall of Beijing Tourism. The “Palace Museum Pavilion” will give a full demonstration of the unique cultural and creative products of the Palace Museum, the achievements and new features of the capital’s cultural and creative industries, and at the same time enhance the leading role of the top tourist brands of the capital to promote the sustained and healthy development of the capital’s tourism industry. The “intangible cultural heritage pavilion”, breaking through the traditional way of mainly showing works and techniques, will, through such forms as physical display, stage performance, incense show, and participation in interaction, enable the audience to get a brand-new immersive experience which includes viewing, tasting, listening, smelling and touching. In the pavilions of other provinces and cities, dozens of intangible cultural heritage folk customs will be put together to deduce regional charm and ethnic artistic conception, including Liangping bamboo curtain from Chongqing, Mongolian style jewelry from Inner Mongolia, Hui ink and writing brush made of brownish rabbit hair from Anhui, Suihua three-dimensional paper-cut from Heilongjiang, Tibetan fragrance and Tangka from Tibet, songs, dances and jade from Xinjiang and so on. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The Guangxi Pavilion, taking “the 60th birthday of beautiful Guangxi” as the theme, will display its beautiful natural scenery and rich historical and cultural heritage. International Forum on Language and Culture will focus on the inheritance of Chinese ideological and cultural terminology, the construction of the Chinese language and Chinese civilization system, highlighting the broad and profound Chinese language and culture to enhance the influence and creativity of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

At the Exhibition of Cultural Creativity and Innovative Achievements of the Youth, inspired by “Youth Serving the Country”, such enterprises as Cafamaker and Yingxiong Interactive Entertainment will showcase the rich achievements of “innovation and originality” of the youth. Exhibition of Excellent Achievements from Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition will focus on a number of growing-up cultural entrepreneurs and creative entrepreneurship projects, such as cultural and intellectual clouds, Juzishu, gourd people “culture” and cultural space for the whole people to read freely, highlighting the interaction and attraction of cultural and creative projects. The Exhibition of Excellent Cultural and Creative Works by Beijing Youth will focus on the Winter Olympics art creation, with the theme of “meeting at Winter Olympics with passion on ice and snow”. The Municipal Committee of the Youth League will organize young artists of Beijing to annotate the Winter Olympics culture and spread the spirit of the Winter Olympics by creating works of art on site so that more people will pay attention to, understand and participate in the Winter Olympics. Both China Red Star Award for Innovative Design and the Exhibition of Outstanding Works from Global Youth Design Competition will gather high-end design resources at home and abroad to promote the transformation of design results and expand the influence of Chinese design brands.

3) Highlighting the “culture +” fusion situation and promoting the high-quality cultural and creative projects

The present ICCIE will vigorously promote the integrative development of cultural creativity with such key sectors as science, technology, finance, tourism and sports to improve the overall development level of the industrial chain and the capacity of innovation and creativity. The exhibition on press, publication, radio, film and television will concentrate on the practical application of such latest technologies as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things to bring new sensory experience to the audience. The exhibition of antiquities and museum-related cultural and creative products will, with the aid of advanced technology such as AR, VR and H5, use innovative scientific and technological means to display digital restoration of cultural relics and cultural and creative products so as to bring the sleeping cultural relics in the museum to “life” and tell the audience about the charm of traditional culture. Such activities as China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and the Forum on Language Serving Human Life will further explore the boosting effect of scientific and technological innovation on industrial development to guide enterprises in the industry to continuously increase their scientific and technological input. The first 2018 Beijing International Expo on Resources for the Popularization of Science will, as an important part of the ICCIE, embody the integration of science and culture to enhance cultural self-confidence and promote the prosperity and development of socialist culture.

Promotion of Beijing’s Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development will adopt the form of “enterprise introduction + achievement demonstration + cooperation negotiation” to attract cultural enterprises to cooperate with enterprises in science, technology, education, sports and finance. The pavilion on cultural tourist resorts and tourist commodities will further tap the unique cultural resources, continue to promote in-depth cooperation between old brands and "Beijing Gifts" to show the new achievements of the capital’s tourist commodity industry in “enriching varieties, improving quality, and cultivating brands”. Such events as Agreement Signing and Brand Promotion of Cultural Finance Innovation Projects and Promotion of Beijing’s Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development will attract financial institutions to participate extensively in opening up docking channels for financial capital, social capital and cultural resources. We will hold the Promotion of Policies on, and Enterprises in Foreign Cultural Trade to publicize the “9 + N” package policies that optimize the business environment and constantly enhance the sense of gain by cultural and creative enterprises in Beijing’s reform and optimization of the business environment.

4) Converging resources for open cooperation and promoting cultural trade pragmatically

Adhering to the principle of “based on Beijing to serve the whole country and face the world”, the ICCIE will invigorate regional cultural and creative resources, strengthen project docking and promote transaction services so that participants can have more sense of gain. Delegations from more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country will promote outstanding achievements and excellent projects of regional cultural and creative industries to facilitate the transfer of industrial resources across regions. The exhibition on collaborative cultural innovation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will fully display the fruitful achievements of cultural innovation and development, realize the complementary advantages of cultural resources and highlight the regional cultural development pattern of “regional integration with one cultural pulse” in the three places. This exhibition will provide the list of museums in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region with hand-drawn maps to fully display the historical development context and the future development direction of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In the exhibition area, a “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cultural Stage” will be set up to uninterruptedly introduce excellent performances of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to the audience during the event, which will cover such popular items as acrobatics, story-telling with drum or musical accompaniment, cross talk and so on. The present ICCIE will hold such events as the conference on Beijing-Taipei cultural and creative industry cooperation and exchange and series of cultural and creative industry project promotions by various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to promote policies on cultural and creative industries, the environment for the development of cultural economy, and projects of cultural and creative industry cooperation so as to enhance regional collaborative innovation.

The present ICCIE will witness a greatly improved level of internationalization. The 2nd ASEAN Cultural Week will hold more than ten special events, such as the traditional ASEAN costume show, the characteristic artistic performance, the display of the ASEAN cultural corridor and the platform for folk craft exchange so as to promote people's mutual understanding through cultural exchanges. The Guardian•Fine Art Asia Antique Art Week will attract the participation of well-known art institutions and galleries from more than 10 countries to create an art trading platform with international perspective and Eastern style. The event featuring promotion and exchange of products of creative design by international skilled artisans will showcase fine arts and crafts for the inheritance of the artisan spirit at home and abroad. The 2nd China Beijing International Language Industry Expo will continue to integrate into the ICCIE and hold a series of forums on language services in “Belt and Road” construction. At the cross-strait cultural and artistic exchange exhibition titled“Language of Painting on the Silk Road”, the collection and works of Mr. Xu Boyi will put on display in a concentrated manner more than 200 art treasures from countries and regions along the Belt and Road. The third exhibition on featured cultures of countries along the “Belt and Road” will attract international institutions including the embassies of more than 40 countries and the representative office of the League of Arab States in China to participate in the exhibition, promoting cultural and tourist resources on the spot and showing the unique regional and ethnic customs of the countries along the line. “The Belt and Road” Business Salon will release new hot spots of investment in cultural and creative industries in countries and regions along the way, creating wider international cooperation space for enterprises. The pavilion of sports industry will carry out the concept of “going out and coming in” along the Belt and Road, showing the sports brands of the countries along the way and the sports brand projects under cooperation between China and these countries, and also their sports industry with aids and investments from China. This pavilion will also highlight the theme of the Winter Olympic Games, displaying ice and snow equipment and culture. It will set up an ice and snow experience area to preheat for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, highlighting the charm of ice and snow sports.

Dear friends from the press: at present, the preparatory work is progressing smoothly. Foreign guests have been invited from UNESCO, the World Trade Center Association, the International Association of Multimedia Associations, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and other international organizations. The United States, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Brazil, Switzerland and other 67 countries and regions participated in the meeting. Lee Byong-hyun, chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO, Bozidar Zecevic, famous film director, member of International Board of the International Animated Film Association, Bedri Baykam, president of International Association of Art confirmed to make keynote address. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and cities, including Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Shanxi, Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, etc., confirms to participate in the exhibition. As to Exhibition, the main exhibition preparation is basically ready with more than 1200 exhibitors. Project solicitation has entered the final docking stage.

Friends, today it is 9 days from the opening of the 13th ICCIE. We sincerely hope that all news media will give your warm concern and strong support to the ICCIE as usual. Through your participation and publicity, various social circles will have a better understanding of the ICCIE so as to jointly promote the great development and prosperity of China's cultural and creative industries. Thank you!

(For more information about the 13th ICCIE, you are welcome to pay attention to the “news center” column on ICCIE official website: http://www.iccie.cn/news/, and the official micro-blog and WeChat of “CCPITBJ”.)