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May 29 - Jun 1, 2019 - Beijing, China
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Traditional Culture Together with Innovative Technologies—Highlights of the 14th ICCIE

May 21, 2019 1:59:21 PM

In the 14th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE) to be held on May 29, 2019, there will be multiple exhibition areas to fully display various forms of culture and creativity. Here, we’ll introduce three exhibition areas for visitors to get to know features of each exhibition in advance and have a better experience at the 14th ICCIE.


Exhibition Area of Creative Products Relating to Cultural Relics and Museums—Popularizing the Traditional Culture and Focusing on the Development of Museums

The exhibition area will focus on the development of museums, and invite 22 national-level museums and cultural and creative industry development pilot units in Beijing to the exhibition, including Capital Museum of China, China Agricultural Museum, Beijing Luxun Museum, Guo Moruo Memorial Hall and China Railway Museum. It will also display a group of excellent museum cultural and creative products and exhibition projects. Besides, there will be an antique show. During the exhibition, Beijing Antique City will show excellent antiques and artworks including porcelain, jade ware, embroidery, and Thangka.


Exhibition Area of Cloud and Convergence Media—Displaying New Media Technologies and Showing the Future Development Trend

Under the theme of “convergence and wisdom”, the exhibition area of Beijing media will be divided into four parts, i.e. “Convergence in Government Affairs”, “Convergence in Information”, “Convergence in Life” and “Convergence in the Future”. The exhibition is designed to “be the strongest trend leader, show the best industrial development, use the coolest display technologies, and integrate the situation and trend in an optimum way”.

The exhibition will use one single screen to show the whole process of the production and distribution of the convergence media. Using intelligent broadcasting and TV as key cases and choosing 16 convergence media applications and products as highlights, the exhibition will adopt new technologies and applications to show the development of the cloud and convergence media platform in Beijing in an all-round, three-dimensional and immersive way.


Exhibition of Beijing Outstanding Youth Cultural Creations —Promoting the Traditional Culture and Paying Attention to Teenager Education

This year’s Exhibition of Beijing Outstanding Youth Cultural Creations focuses closely on the theme of “Youth Serving the Country” and strives to build a platform for young people in Beijing to exchange and trade cultural and creative achievements. This year, all 12 exhibitors of this area were strictly selected by the Youth League Committee. The exhibition is featured by “Interactive Experience”, “Achievements Showcase” and “Youth Innovation Display”, highlighting the Communist Youth League’s leadership in cultivating and promoting socialist core values.


This year’s ICCIE is divided into three major thematic exhibition areas and focuses on new media education brands such as “Museum in the Ear”, which mainly carried out museum education for teenagers in museums, and Rong Baozhai Education, a brand derived from China’s time-honoured brand Rong Baozhai and inherits the spirit of the older generation of Rong Baozhai staff, engaging itself in art popularization and education in the current time, and focusing on the vast number of young people to popularize Chinese traditional art and culture. These brands inherit national art and culture to enlighten the future generation. The Youth League Committee has always attached great importance to the orientation of youth education and focused on the development of students’ core qualities, so as to cultivate their basic qualities, learning ability, living habits, emotions and future possibilities.

Yuetan Inheritance Club will also participate in the exhibition. The company is committed to protecting the activity of traditional culture, inheriting educational values, incubating innovations, promoting the quintessence of Chinese art and culture, and expanding international exchanges. It aims at protecting and developing the handicraft skills of intangible cultural heritage, focusing on promoting the essence of traditional calligraphy and painting, and forming a high-quality platform for cross-border innovation of resources in the culture industry. In the exhibition area, there are also a series of artworks and originally-designed kits brought by Chinese Dancer Association Street Dance Committee. The exhibition will fully show that all levels of league organizations in our city have been fully dedicated to the central mission, been bold in innovation and kept forging ahead, so as to lead the youth of our city to participate in cultural innovation and creative work, and to practice the socialist core values.