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May 29 - Jun 1, 2019 - Beijing, China
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ICCIE 2019 Launched on May 29, with 11 Organizations Including Shougang Industrial Heritage Park open for the public

May 29, 2019 4:38:37 PM

The 14th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (the ICCIE 2019) will be held in Beijing from May 29 to June 1. At present, delegations, embassies, chambers of commerce and associations from over 80 countries and regions, and more than 700 enterprises at home and abroad have confirmed their participation. During the expo, more than 100 activities in six major categories will bring wonderful cultural experience to the people of Beijing.

The ICCIE 2019 is organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Radio and Television Administration and Beijing Municipal People's Government, and co-organized by CCPIT Beijing. Since this year, ICCIE is included in China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

The ICCIE 2019 is themed “Leading High-quality Development of Cultural Industry, Boosting Construction of National Cultural Center”. The main venue is in China International Exhibition Center (the old venue), with a total area of 35,000 m2, which is divided into 17 themed sections including National Cultural Center Achievement Exhibition, Beijing Cultural Industry Achievement Exhibition, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Culture and Tourism Exhibition, “Belt and Road” Countries Culture Exhibition, Great Wall Culture Exhibition, Radio and Television & Internet Audio-visual Exhibition, Park Culture and Creative Products Exhibition, Design Creativity Exhibition, Exhibition of Cultural and Creative Products in Museums and Cultural Relics, Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Beijing Culture and Creativity Competition Exhibition, Beijing Outstanding Youth Culture and Creativity Exhibition, Sports Industry Exhibition, Taiwan Cultural and Creative Hall, Urban Reading Room Experience Area, Folk Culture Exhibition, and Exhibition of the Cultural Industry in Provinces and Cities.

Apart from the main venue, there will be sub-venues in Tianqiao Art Center, Beijing Happy Valley and other places across the whole capital city, hosting a series of activities such as “One-Quarter Cultural Service Circle” and “Experience Beijing with ICCIE 2019”. Shougang Industrial Heritage Park, Beijing Xuannan Culture Museum and nine other organizations have been selected to open to the public during the expo to provide various public culture products.

According to Ms. Lin Bin, Vice Chairwoman of CCPIT Beijing and Deputy Director of CCPIT Beijing, during the ICCIE 2019, eight promotion and trade events, five special forums and four creativity events will also be held, including “Gongmei Cup” Beijing Arts and Crafts Innovative Design Competition 2019, Beijing Youth Culture and Creativity Festival, Beijing New Countryside Youth Creative Design Competition, and International Copyright Innovative Service Seminar. Besides, there will be five sub-venues for specific professional fields, including the 12th Beijing China Art International Fair, the 15th Anniversary of the Chinese School of Realistic Paintings, Guardian Fine Art Asia 2019, China International Brand Culture Expo, and Beijing International Book Mall Sub-venue.

At present, the ICCIE 2019 is being prepared steadily. In terms of foreign guests, delegations of over 80 countries and regions including the US, France, Britain, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Brazil and Switzerland, and delegations of embassies, chambers of commerce and associations such as the Themed Entertainment Association, UNSESCO, and the Federation of Asean Travel Associations, have confirmed their participation in the expo. Thomas Megna (Board President of Themed Entertainment Association Asia Pacific Division), Marielza Oliveira (Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office), and Datuk Hamzah Rahmat (Executive Director of the Federation of Asean Travel Associations) will deliver speeches. As for provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, 12 have confirmed participation, including Tianjin, Shanghai municipality; Hebei, Anhui, Jilin, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Guizhou, Qinghai, Hainan province; and Inner Mongolia and Tibet autonomous region. Concerning exhibitions, the invitation of exhibitors for the main venue is basically finished, attracting over 700 exhibitors to participate in. In terms of project coordination and other activities, the solicitation of key projects in the cultural industry and preliminary coordination are being efficiently carried out. Plans for promotion and trading events, forums and conferences, creative activities and sub-venues have been further elaborated, and started to be implemented.

Thousands of Culture and Innovation Products and Regional Culture and Tourism Projects Will Debut Together

It is noteworthy that at this ICCIE, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will integrate their resources in the cultural industry, highlight innovation and build a brand. Thousands of culture and innovation products and regional culture and tourism projects will debut together, fully showing the regional cultural development layout highlighting “regional integrity and cultural unity”. Beijing’s cultural industry has been actively playing a guiding role to pool advantageous resources and launch a number of leading enterprises and cultural industry parks with core competitiveness.

“The ICCIE 2019 will focus on the construction of Beijing as a national cultural center, concentrate on ‘one core, one city, three cultural belts, and two zones’, and fully display Beijing’s new image of sticking to innovation, deepening the reform of the cultural system, and stimulating vitality in the cultural industry.” According to Lin Bin, the National Cultural Center Construction Achievement Exhibition at the main venue will present major progresses since the founding of the Steering Group of the National Cultural Center Construction. All 16 districts of Beijing and Yizhuang Development Zone will participate in the exhibition. Among them, the exhibitions of Dongcheng District and Xicheng District are themed respectively “New Life of Culture and Creativity in Old Hu-tongs (alleys)” and “Renewal of Urban Blocks and the Protection and Rejuvenation of the Old Town”, and show the improvement of the regional living environment and life quality by presenting a panorama of the kernel of Beijing as a cultural center after “relieving, renovating and renewal”. Tongzhou district follows the clue of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt culture, and presents not only historical relics such as the wharf and “three temples and one tower”, but also modern projects such as the Universal Studios, Taihu Art and Entertainment Town, and Songzhuang Artist Residence. Fangshan District and Mentougou District make full use of the cultural resources in Yongding River, West Mountain, and present the Red Tourism Route and special folk culture projects to build the cultural brand of “staring at the West Mountain and the ever-lasting Yongding River”. Shijingshan District will use modern digital equipment such as high-definition LED screens and 4K HD televisions to bring the Fahai Temple wall painting in the Ming Dynasty “back to life” in a three-dimensional way.

Besides, the 4th “Belt and Road” Countries Culture Exhibition will also be presented at the ICCIE 2019. In addition, the Beijing Local Chronicles Office will further explore the cultural core of the Great Wall and promote the protection and development of the Great Wall through presenting the military defense village culture, temple culture, the Resistance War red culture, traffic and post road culture and mausoleum culture. Beijing Publishing Group will join hands with Xinhua Bookstore and China Bookstore to create the most beautiful urban reading room “Elegance of Beijing” at the main exhibition venue. In the “Sanlitun Culture” exhibition, bookstores that are popular online, including 7/24 Sanlian Taofen Bookstore and the Red in Taikoo Li Sanlitun, will be gathered to promote cultural consumption and help “light up” the night-time economy.

Ten Model Old Factory Renovation Parks Will Debut to Highlight “Culture Plus”

The ICCIE 2019 will fully display the cultural industry’s latest trend of integrated development, vigorously promote the integration of culture with science and technology, tourism, sports and finance, and inject everlasting momentum into innovation and entrepreneurship. At the Radio and Television & Internet Audio-visual Exhibition, themed by “ Developing Intelligent Audio-Visual Devices”, a number of leading companies in the industry will display applications of scientific and technological outcomes such as cloud computing, big data and VR in the reality, innovate media and communication modes, and build Beijing matrix of exquisite radio and television network audio-visual products. Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and the International Forum on the Development of the Animation and Gaming Industry will focus on the boosting force of digital innovation to industrial development, and share experience to cultural and creative companies on developing through adopting scientific and technological means.

The Sports Industry Exhibition will highlight the ice and snow sports, ice & snow industry, the Olympic culture and “nationwide fitness”, with the aim to expand the market supply of the ice & snow sports industry, provide interactive experience to make the exhibition more interesting and attractive, and adopt innovative and diversified means to display various diverse content, including intelligent sports, VR experience, teenager fitness, smart exercise equipment, etc. In addition, activities such as the Cultural Industry Development Conference and the Cooperation and Promotion Conference for Beijing Cultural Integration Development Project will closely follow such hot topics as “cultural consumption and cultural and creative IP creation” to unblock channels between financial capital, social capital and cultural resources to provide effective support for medium, small and micro cultural enterprises to solve their difficulties.

It’s noteworthy that 10 renovation parks of old factory buildings including Beijing Silon International Cultural & Creative Park and Laijin Cultural and Creative Industry Park will debut at the main venue, aiming to be models of vitalizing old factory buildings and building new urban cultural sites.