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Cultural integration presents high-end business formats, and technology empowers to light up a bright future — summary of 2020 CIFTIS cultural service promotion and transaction

Sep 13, 2020 3:02:55 AM

Cultural integration presents high-end business formats, and technology empowers to light up a bright future — summary of 2020 CIFTIS cultural service promotion and transaction
2020 CIFTIS was grandly opened at the Beijing National Convention Center on the evening of September 4. The promotion and trading section of the 2020 CIFTIS cultural service special supporting event will also be held at the same time. It will further promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry in the post-epidemic era, publicize the country’s policies and measures to support the development of the cultural industry, serve the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrade of the cultural industry, promote and display cultural industry projects, and promote industrial docking and cooperation, and build an inclusive and sharing platform for regional cultural industry exchanges and cooperation. During the period, a number of selected project promotion and transaction cooperation will be organized, facing global investment negotiations, and vigorously promoting cultural industry investment and cultural product trade.
Cultural integration promotes innovation and development
The Beijing Municipal Cultural Integration Development Project Cooperation Promotion Conference with the theme of "Cultural Integration, Innovation and Development" will be held at Beijing Liangmahe Hotel on September 8. The promotion conference was hosted by the State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center of Beijing Municipality, the Industrial Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Animation Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing Gehua Media Group Co., Ltd. It consists of several parts including policy release, keynote speech, key project signing, integrated development project promotion, and corporate display. The promotion will invite relevant persons in charge of industry authorities, industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, etc., to interpret and share the current policies, opportunities, and challenges of the integrated development of the cultural industry. At the same time, it will also promote key projects to build a platform for communication and integration of cultural industries.
The development center will sign a strategic cooperation agreement at the promotion meeting. Focus on promoting more than 30 cultural integration projects, including cultural technology, cultural tourism, cultural finance and other types, including the "Technology Winter Olympics" 5G8K immersive digital experience center, Menghui Tianqiao-intangible cultural heritage immersive experience Tourism projects, online "Beijing Performance Theater", Beijing cultural and creative financial service network platform and many other projects will be showcased brilliantly, showing the results of the integrated development of the cultural industry.
In addition, representative projects include a special financial product project signed by the State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center of Beijing Municipality and banking institutions, Gehua Media Group and Qingdao Xifa Group signed a 3 billion yuan film and television industry investment fund project, and Beijing Municipal Culture Science and Technology Finance Leasing Company and Bohai Securities Co., Ltd. signed a 1.5 billion yuan "National First Intellectual Property Rack Asset Securitization Product Issuance" project, Beijing Huajiang Culture Group and Shunyi District Gaoliying Town Government signed a 1 billion yuan "Huajiang" project Cultural IP Industrial Park" project, etc.
This introduction and marketing event will vigorously promote the integrated development of culture and related industries, further innovate the cultural industry model, and achieve high-quality development of the cultural industry.
Cultural innovation empowers industrial upgrading
In order to further promote the development of cultural industries, Beijing has successively introduced the "1+N+X" cultural industry policy system, and formulated the "Beijing’s Cultural and Creative Industry Park Identification and Standardized Management Measures (Trial)" and "Regarding Accelerating Municipal Cultural “Opinions on the Construction and Development of Creative Industry Demonstration Parks” represented a series of policy measures to use old factories to expand cultural space and develop cultural industries.
On September 8, the introduction and marketing event hosted by Beijing Cultural Industry Park with the theme of "Converging and Upgrading New Scenes, Cultural and Creative Empowering New Spaces" will be held in China Huadian Tianning No.1 Cultural and Technological Innovation Park.
In 2019, Beijing recognized the first batch of 33 municipal cultural industry parks. In 2020, in order to further promote the scale, intensification, specialization, and characteristic development of cultural industry parks, optimization and adjustments will be made on the basis of the original documents, and the "Administrative Measures for the Accreditation of Beijing-level Cultural Industry Parks (Trial)" (Beijing) Leading Office issued [2020] No. 4). At the same time, in conjunction with the implementation of the "Measures for Responding to the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and Promoting the Healthy Development of Cultural Enterprises" (28 Beijing Cultural Enterprises) for Beijing cultural enterprises during the epidemic, the 2020 municipal cultural industry parks, The recognition of three types of parks, municipal-level cultural industry demonstration zones (nominated) and municipal-level cultural industry demonstration zones, has now formed a list of 98 "2020 Beijing-level cultural industry parks" recognized.
In this context, the Beijing Cultural Industry Park Promotion Conference hosted by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center and undertaken by Beijing Tianning Huayun Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. will focus on the transformation and upgrading of the park and through keynote speeches, In the form of park promotion and round-table dialogue, well-known experts in the industry and 98 executives of  cultural industry parks of city level in Beijing in 2020 were invited to discuss and seek new opportunities for cooperation.
At the introduction and marketing event, relevant persons in charge of China Mobile Beijing Branch, Ali Entertainment Group Headquarters Park, and Tencent Beijing Headquarters Cultural Industry Park will give keynote speeches: Tongniu Film and Television Town, Xisanqi Digital Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Fuping Beijing Parks such as the Cultural Industry Park, Mingzhu Glazed Tile Factory Park, and Shougang Cultural Industry Park will be promoted. China Huadian Tianning No. 1 Cultural Technology Innovation Park Party Branch Secretary Wang Jianxin, Beijing Xinlongfu Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Hui, Shoukai Wentou (Beijing) New Culture Co., Ltd. General Manager Cao Yu and other 12 cultural industries The person in charge of the park and entrepreneurs will conduct roundtable forums for exchanges. Guests from the industry will discuss "the new pattern of integrated development", "the demonstration and leadership of cultural industry parks in the process of high-quality development", "technological empowerment to build 5G smart parks", "digitalization makes cities better", and "headquarters parks integrated with culture and technology" and "New Paths for the Transformation and Upgrading of Cultural Industry Parks in the Post-epidemic Era" and other hot topics of cultural and creative parks to share, discuss and exchange.
It is reported that the introduction and marketing event will also build a 200-meter long-term display wall for the municipal cultural industry park in 2020 on the site, and concentrated display  Beijing’s cultural industry parks.
Interpretation of the cultural industry development plan
As one of the special events of cultural service promotion and trading section, the introduction and marketing event of Beijing cultural industry investment and financing project promotion and business cooperation will be held at Beijing Longfu Cultural Center and Beijing Yulong International Hotel on September 5 and September 8. Held. The introduction and marketing event is hosted by the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center and the China Association for the Promotion of International Economic and Technical Cooperation, and invites the relevant department heads to interpret the "14th Five-Year Plan" for cultural industry development planning research and prospects, and national and local government promotion policies and measures for cultural and technological integration.
More than 10 guests from Nanshan Capital, Huagai Capital, Chenhai Capital, Guojin Investment, and Qingliu Capital discussed "New Cultural Connotations and Opportunities in the Digital Economy", "Smashing Traditions, New Models, and New Contents", and "The Changing Situation Dialogues and keynote speeches on topics such as “consumer product brand building”. In addition, the conference also invited many outstanding projects of cultural and creative competitions, such as Ji Jia Mi Cheng, Rong Yi Guo Chao·Fashion Intangible Cultural Heritage Innovation Platform, to conduct on-site roadshows, investment and financing project docking and other links. It is reported that new products from cultural, financial and technological companies will be released and signed at the conference.
How to better develop the cultural industry
The purpose of the cultural financial innovation project signing and brand promotion conference is to actively respond to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, further promote the co-prosperity of the cultural industry and financial capital, and continuously release the vitality of small, medium and micro cultural enterprises.
At the meeting, the list of "Beijing Top 50 Cultural and Creative Enterprises with the Most Investment Value" will be selected.
Based on the investigation and excavation of high-quality cultural enterprises, the company’s growth potential is seen through a professional and authoritative perspective and recommended to the capital. The conference aims to further promote the integration of cultural industry projects and capital, and help the listed companies to successfully raise funds and effectively reduce financial risks Influence and promote the rapid and healthy development of cultural enterprises. For the first time, the "Three Treasures of Jinwen" (ie Jinchuangbao, Jinyuanbao, and Jinpianbao) and Beijing Fengsheng Cultural and Creative Industry Value Investment Fund will be launched. The conference will also release the "2020 Beijing Cultural Industry Investment and Development Research Report" and the "Dongcheng District Action Plan for Establishing a National Cultural and Financial Cooperation Demonstration Zone (2020-2021)".
Chen Hang, President of China Cultural Industry Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Song Xiangqian, founding partner and chairman of Canada China Capital, and Zhang Yongchen, a well-known Chinese screenwriter, Magnolia Award judge, and Emmy Award international judge, respectively named "Culture + Changes in Investment Trends of the Times", "Insight into the super wave of China's consumption and investment" and "Film and Television and Capital Reunion" were shared. In addition, partners and general managers of many investment institutions such as Beijing Capital Ventures, Inno Angel Fund, Huaying Capital, and Shanxing Capital were invited to have a roundtable discussion on the theme of "How to Ride the Wind and Waves in the Cultural Industry in 2020".
Explore the development of the industry under the epidemic
As an authoritative platform in the industry, Beijing International Music & HiFi Show has always been adhering to the concept of serving the industry and serving users. In response to the uncertainties that may be brought about by the development of the new crown epidemic, the Beijing International Music & HiFi Show Organizing Committee will hold a forum on the development trend of the audio industry to better serve the industry and serve users. The forum will invite audio industry trend authoritative experts, industry leaders and opinion leaders, combined with thematic lectures and seminars of representatives of the upstream and downstream of the audio industry industry chain, to discuss new innovative development models under the epidemic, actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, and enhance industry confidence. Achieve headwinds under the impact of the epidemic.
Colorful Guizhou·The Soul of Culture·Free Travel
Guizhou Province will hold an introduction and marketing event at Beijing Continental Grand Hotel on September 5. Representatives of Beijing's leading cultural and tourism enterprises, travel agencies, excellent tourism equipment manufacturing enterprises, and key business associations will attend the event.