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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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News Briefing about the 12th China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

Sep 6, 2017 8:33:28 AM

News Briefing about the 12th China (Beijing)

International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

By Lin Bin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee Office of ICCIE and

Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council

August 30, 2017


Friends from the media, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning!

The 12th China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE), which is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture, General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and organized by CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council, is to be held from September 11th to 13th in Beijing. Now, entrusted by the Organizing Committee, I will give a brief introduction to friends and guests from the media about the general arrangements and preparations for the 12th ICCIE.

ICCIE is a state-level platform for the exhibition, international exchange and cooperation of cultural and creative industries set up in Beijing by the Chinese government to bring into play the unique advantage of the capital city as the country’s center of culture, scientific and technological innovation and international exchange, to accelerate the development of cultural industries, and to promote the construction of a cultural power. The previous eleven sessions of ICCIE attracted 565 delegations from such international organizations as the United Nations, the European Union, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Olympic Committee and the World Animation Association and more than 100 countries and regions to participate, with 14,342 specialized personnel from overseas to attend. Domestically, delegations from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions all attended. A total of 1,267 events were held, with a total exhibition area of 2.02 million square meters, and 10.93 million people from all walks of life participating. The total amount of cooperation intentions, agreements and transactions reached RMB 786.105 billion yuan. Among these events, the main exhibition venue attracted a total of 17,413 enterprises and institutions to participate, covering a total area of 605 thousand square meters. What’s more, 365 sessions of trade promotion activities were held with a total of 95,061 businessmen participating; 102 forums were put on with 1,666 well-known domestic and foreign experts, scholars and entrepreneurs delivering speeches; 113 sessions of creative activities were organized; and 132 sub-venues with various themes were established.

This year is an important year for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan. The upcoming 12th session of ICCIE will, in accordance with the strategy of “promoting the cultural construction in an all-round way” adopted at the 6thPlenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, present a new assembly and overall appearance of all relevant sections of China’s cultural and creative industries when China’s cultural industry is undergoing profound changes. The present ICCIE, taking “integrating culture with science and technology to inherit and pass on innovative development” as its theme, will vigorously promote the socialist advanced culture, help with the construction of the national cultural center, promote the integrated development of cultural and related industries, and give impetus to the inheritance and innovation of China’s excellent traditional culture so as to demonstrate and lead the optimization and upgrading of cultural and creative industries.


1. Overall Arrangement of Activities

The 12th ICCIE will hold more than 100 events, covering six series of comprehensive activities, exhibitions, trade promotions, forums and conferences, creative activities, and sub-venue activities. It will also build an official platform for Internet display.

Comprehensive Activities: On the opening day, the current ICCIE will hold a key-note speech session at China People’s Palace. On September 12th, it will hold “the signing ceremony for key projects in cultural and creative industries” at Beijing International Hotel. In September and October, a series of activities entitled “Entering the ICCIE to see Beijing” will be conducted.

Exhibitions: The main venue for the exhibitions of the current ICCIE covers a total area of 55,000 square meters, divided into 20 thematic pavilions, including integrated Jing-Jin-Ji cultural development; international language industry; press, publication, radio, film and television; Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation love cube; Jing-Jin-Ji canal culture; creative exquisite arts and crafts from famous Chinese and foreign museums; products of cultural creation from Taiwan; excellent cultural and creative works by young people in the capital city; excellent enterprises from Beijing cultural and creative innovation and entrepreneurship contest; antiquities and museum-related cultural and creative products; arts and crafts; cultural and creative industries cluster zones; cultural tourist attractions and tourist commodities; creative design; young people’s cultural creation and innovation; cultural creation with ethnic characteristics; cultural gifts and art trading; sports industry; colorful world—2017 Beijing international characteristic culture; and cultural and creative industries of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Trade Promotions: The current ICCIE will further strengthen its transaction function to hold 14 sessions of specialized trade promotion activities. These include: Promotion of “Chinese Gifts”; Beijing series of events in the auction season; Promotion of Beijing’s Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development; the 6th China Summit of Cultural Finance Innovation; Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries Cluster Zone Projects; Promotion of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financing Projects; Promotion of Foreign Cultural Trade Policies and Enterprises; Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industry Projects and Business Cooperation; International Promotion and Exchange for Chinese Cultural Enterprises to “Go Global”; 2017 Promotion of Creative Design by International Master Craftsmen; series of cultural and creative industry project promotions by various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities; the 24thBeijing International Exhibition Fair for Audio Equipment; Recruitment Fair for Cultural and Creative Talents; and 2017 “The Belt and Road” Business Salon.

Forums and Conferences: The current ICCIE, continuing to adhere to the principle of holding professional forums, will organize six specialized forums. They are: 2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference; International Forum on the Development of Film Industry; Beijing International Copyright Conference and China’s Music Industry; Seminar on “Cultural Relics + Science and Technology”·the Road for the Future of Museums; International Conference on Language Technology and Human Welfare; and International Forum on the Development of Animation Games.

Creative Activities: The current ICCIE will continue to widely attract and promote activities with original features. Its 9 sessions of creative activities include: the 10th “Huali Award” Chinese Creative Design Competition; the 12thChina Red Star Award for Innovative Design; China 3D Technology and Innovation Festival; the 11th “Arts and Crafts Cup” Beijing Traditional Arts and Crafts Design Contest; Beijing College Students’ Creativity Fair; Beijing Teenage Cultural Creativity Festival; Beijing New Rural Youth Creative Design Competition; International Seminar on Copyright Innovation Service; and the second Seminar on Cultural Tourism.

Sub-Venue Activities: The current ICCIE continues to set up sub-venues at convention and exhibition centers throughout Beijing to expand the activity space. There are altogether 52 sub-venues. Among them, the 8 specialized sub-venues are: the 2017 Annual Conference on China’s Internet Culture; the first China Beijing International Language Industry Expo; the 10th Beijing·International Expo of Chinese Cultural Relics; the 13th Anniversary Exhibition of China Realist School Paintings; the 2017 Guardian·Fine Art Asia Antique Art Week; the 4th China International Expo of Enterprises’ Brand Culture; the 25th Comic Animation Carnival; and Taihu International Book Fair. 44 sub-venues will be set up in 10 districts of Beijing: Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Mentougou, Fangshan, Tongzhou, Shunyi, Changping, and Huairou.


2. Main Characteristics of the Present ICCIE

Judging from the preparation, the present ICCIE will showcase the new face and new trend of the development of China’s cultural industry, presenting the following characteristics.

1) Gathering resources of excellent traditional culture to show the charm of Chinese culture

The present ICCIE will give an intensive display of projects of intangible cultural heritage that show strong vitality in the market. The provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities participating in the exhibition will introduce projects and products that have regional cultural features and unique ethnic characteristics, with the traditional culture represented by intangible cultural heritage and China’s time-honored brands and the culture with strong flavor of regional characteristics adding radiance and beauty to each other. National and provincial intangible cultural heritage projects are too numerous to enumerate such as hand-painted Thangka, Tibetan black pottery, Tibetan embroidery, and piles embroidery at Qinghai pavilion, Huashan rock paintings at Guangxi pavilion and She ink-stone at Ningbo pavilion, which is one of the four famous Chinese ink-stones.

The main exhibition venue taps into excellent traditional cultural products and projects to highlight the spiritual connotation of Chinese traditional culture, further enhancing the cohesion, influence and creativity of Chinese traditional culture. The cultural tourism pavilion will hold a “joint exhibition of Beijing’s time-honored brands” to show and pass on such crafts as carved lacquer, woodcut New Year painting, bone carving, painted facial makeup, filigree inlay, etc. to create the Beijing brand of intangible cultural heritage. Beijing Arts and Crafts Association will showcase Beijing traditional crafts highlighting “Yanjing 8 unique skills”, and invite folk art masters to give live performances to promote Beijing’s rich historical and cultural heritage. Such sub-venues as No. 40 Guozijian, Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum of Dongcheng District, performing arts zone at Tianqiao, and the venue of the second Landscape Art Festival will highlight the overall value of Beijing's history and culture, strengthening the city characteristics of “demeanor of the capital, charm of the ancient capital and spirit of the times”. A series of activities called“Entering the ICCIE to see Beijing” will be held, with 11 carefully selected resource-sharing units including the National Theatre, the Beijing Music Hall, the Inside-Out Art Museum to open to the public free of charge, showing the rich cultural heritage and resources of the capital city.

2) Highlighting “culture +” to accelerate the development of new business formats

The ICCIE vigorously promotes the integrated development of cultural and creative industries with such key fields as science and technology, finance, tourism and sports so as to improve the overall development level of the industry chain and the ability of creation and innovation. Culture + science and technology: The pavilion of antiquities and museum-related cultural and creative products will show digital restoration of cultural relics, cultural and creative products, and cultural and creative VR technology, enabling the cultural relics sleeping in the museums to become “alive”. The pavilion of press, publication, radio, film and television and the Seminar on “Cultural relics + Science and Technology”•the Road for the Future of Museums shows such new business formats as the integration of culture with mobile multimedia, network television, virtual exhibition, online art trading, etc. Such activities as China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum, Zhongguancun Digital Culture Festival, and China 3D Technology and Innovation Festival will speed up the transformation and application of high-tech achievements in the cultural field, and foster more new formats of cultural industries and services.

“Culture +” other fields will promote industrial innovation and development. Culture + Sports: The pavilion of sports industry aims to build a platform for the exchange of sports resources and cultural exhibition, expanding the market supply of sports industry, and promoting public sports consumption. To make efforts to strengthen winter sports and national fitness, the 2017 sports show will feature ice and snow sports, showing the current heat of winter sports. It will combine the contents of the collected items in such sections of the pavilion of sports culture collection as the Olympic Games, football, new China winter sports, etc. to create cultural connotation of the sports exhibition. It will increase popular sports events and traditional items which are popular among ordinary people to highlight national fitness and mass sports. It will add a section of football reform to grasp the hottest content of the reform of the sports industry. Culture + finance: In order to further promote the joint development of cultural and creative industries and financial capital, creating an upsurge of “public entrepreneurship” in Beijing and further releasing the vitality of small and medium-sized cultural enterprises, the ICCIE will hold the 6th China Summit of Cultural Finance Innovation to integrate the high-end resources of financial and cultural industries and make clear the trends and tendency of the industry, using the power of the capital to promote the transformation and development of cultural and creative industries. The project signing and brand promotion of cultural and financial innovation, Promotion of Project Cooperation of Beijing Integrated Cultural Development, etc. will open up the channels for the docking of financial capital, social capital and cultural resources to create new advantages of the development of cultural and creative industries. Promotion of Foreign Cultural Trade Policies and Enterprises will promote the comprehensive docking between culture and commerce, and actively cultivate a new system of modern cultural and commercial service of the capital city.

3) “Jing-Jin-Ji” and “the Belt and Road” becoming bright points to help with the implementation of national development strategy

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will aggregate their cultural and creative resources to appear at the ICCIE, displaying the new projects and new opportunities of collaborative regional development of the cultural industry. At the main exhibition venue, the pavilion of Jing-Jin-Ji cultural synergy innovation achievements, the pavilion of Jing-Jin-Ji canal culture and the pavilion of Jing-Jin-Ji museums comprehensively display the fruitful achievements of cultural innovation and development in the three areas. Among them, the pavilion of Jing-Jin-Ji canal culture is the first collaboration of these three areas to put on the exhibition of the Jing-Jin-Ji canal culture. It focuses on the introduction of the present situation of the canal in Jing-Jin-Ji region and its near and medium-term vision under the background of “the construction of the canal culture zone”. Through site survey, the exhibition collected abundant first-hand materials, which express the memories of the people on both sides of the canal in the glorious periods, and also the great expectations of the construction of the canal culture zone. The pavilion of Jing-Jin-Ji museums will invite museums and cultural organizations in the Jing-Jin-Ji area including the Museum of Xizhou Yandu Site of Beijing, Hebei Museum, Tianjin Museum, Tangshan Museum, Langfang Museum, and the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Relics from the southern capital of the State of Yan to participate in the exhibition. They jointly create the pavilions of“regional integration with the same cultural vein” of the three places and “Masters Touring the Yan State” at the 2017 ICCIE to show the achievements of joint development of the museums in these three places. This gives full play to the leading role of the culture of the capital city and pulls the joint development of museums in the Jing-Jin-Ji region. It also promotes the exchange activities of exhibition and cultural projects in the Jing-Jin-Ji area, emphasizing the theme of “regional integration with the same cultural vein”. In addition, the pavilion of arts and crafts invites Hebei Arts and Crafts Association, Tianjin Arts and Crafts Association to organize delegations to participate in the exhibition so as to enable the handicrafts industry in these three places to jointly show the cooperation results and part of quality products designed and created by masters in recent years. During the exhibition, the arts and crafts associations of the three places will also sign a letter of intent for joint development and cooperation.

In order to strengthen the cultural exchange between Beijing and the countries along “The Belt and Road”, to promote the dissemination and promotion of the national culture of these countries, and to strengthen friendly exchange between China and countries all over the world, the ICCIE has invited embassies of 45 countries along the“The Belt and Road” including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Iran as well as representative offices of international organizations such as the Arab League to attend the ICCIE to hold on-site promotions of their cultural, educational and tourism resources, showcasing their unique geographical features, ethnic customs and cultural styles in a way full of local color and conduct face to face communication with the audience. A main stage area and the national presentation areas will be set up. Apart from the exciting launching ceremony on the opening day of the event, the main stage area will be divided into different periods for different participating countries to put on theatrical performances, promotions, and the display of ethnic costumes and decorations. In the national presentation areas, all participating countries and institutions will display and promote their distinctive cultural features.

The first China Beijing international Language Industry Expo will make its appearance at the ICCIE. The activities include such exhibitions at the main venue as the thematic exhibition of language and culture, demonstration of the language art, and the exhibition of products by language enterprises in “Belt and Road” node regions, and the four forums of Sino European languages and cultures, language intelligence and economic growth, speech rehabilitation and human health, and reference books and cultural heritage, which fill the gap of expo which takes language as the theme in Chinese language areas in the world. The present ICCIE will also hold such activities as “Belt and Road” international exhibition of featured cultures, “The Belt and Road” Business Salon, the exhibition of language and culture in “Belt and Road” node regions, and Beijing International Photography Week to build an open platform for cultural cooperation and exchange between China and foreign countries so as to enhance the international communication ability of Chinese culture.

4) Highlighting innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity to promote creative transformation and innovative development of cultural industries

The present ICCIE will follow the development of the times, pushing innovation and entrepreneurship by the youth, stimulating the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting cultural consumption. In the area displaying the achievements of creative works by Beijing college students, a large number of works that highlight the innovative ability of college students, have high technology content and wide practical use will be unveiled in a concentrated manner. In the sales area of College Students’ Creativity Fair, each piece of work for sale is a unique creation by hand. Along with the vigorous development of the creative fair, many college students are promoting their own ideas through creative fairs, using the market to adjust their future entrepreneurial model.

The medal presentation ceremony of China Red Star Award for Innovative Design, the “Huali Award” Chinese Creative Design Competition, exhibition of outstanding works from Global Youth Design Competition, International Forum on Creative Design of Chinese Characters, and the pavilion of creative design will bring together high-end design resources both at home and abroad to promote the transformation of design achievements and expand the influence of Chinese design brands. The pavilion of cultural and creative industries cluster zones, pavilion of young people’s cultural creation and innovation achievements, Promotion of “Chinese Gifts”, China Publishing Talent Education Conference, and Recruitment Fair for Cultural and Creative Talents gather such elements of innovation as cultural talents and technologies to further lead the industrial upgrading. The “Arts and Crafts Cup” Beijing Traditional Arts and Crafts Design Contest and the 7th Cao Xueqin Festival of Culture and Art provide the traditional culture with new connotations and modern expression forms of the times. International Seminar on Copyright Innovation Service will explore ways to protect and operate featured cultural copyrights with ethnic characteristics and to innovate the system for the protection, inheritance and innovation of the national culture.

Taking the main exhibition venue as the core, the present ICCIE will hold nearly a hundred creative thematic activities linked with special sub-venues to let the people enjoy the “Creative Festival” in the neighborhood and feel the charm of traditional culture at close quarters so as to stimulate their creative enthusiasm and promote the connotation of Chinese traditional culture to integrate into all aspects of life in a deeper and better manner. Such activities as the 25th Comic Animation Carnival, Beijing Teenage Cultural Creativity Festival, and theatrical performances at the Star Array Drama Village of Xicheng District will become an effective cultural carrier for the benefit of the people to stimulate cultural consumption.

5) Enhancing international exchanges and cooperation to solidly promote cultural trade

Increasing the invitation to international organizations, governments and professional organizations, 59 countries and regions have confirmed their attendance at the present ICCIE, recording a substantial improvement over the previous sessions. Foreign businessmen have been using the ICCIE platform to promote their cultural projects and look for opportunities for international cooperation, being very active and enthusiastic. The Guardian·Fine Art Asia Antique Art Week has attracted nearly 40 well-known art institutions and art galleries from more than 10 countries to create an art trading platform with international vision and Oriental style. Promotion of Creative Design by International Master Craftsmen will display exquisite handicrafts, inheriting and passing on the craftsman spirit at home and abroad. Promotion of International Cooperation for Chinese Cultural Enterprises and the pavilion of cultural creation with ethnic characteristics will highlight the concept of "Chinese elements with international expression" to promote the exchange and mutual learning between the Chinese culture and the cultures of the world.

Such activities as the signing ceremony for key projects in cultural and creative industries, the 24th Beijing International Exhibition Fair for Audio Equipment, Beijing series of events in the auction season, and Beijing International Auction of Bonded Works of Art will further enrich the formats and expand the space of cultural consumption. Activities such as Promotion of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financing Projects, series of promotions of cultural and creative industry projects, and Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industry Projects and Business Cooperation will build platforms for resource integration and capital docking for cultural and creative enterprises so as to promote transactions in cultural products and projects.


Friends from the news media, at present, the preparatory work is progressing smoothly. In the invitation of foreign guests, 69 delegations have confirmed their attendance. They come from such international organizations as UNESCO, EU-China “Belt and Road” Cultural Tourism Development Committee, World Trade Center Association, and International Federation of Multimedia Associations, as well as 59 countries and regions including the United States, France, Britain, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Brazil, and Switzerland. In the invitation of domestic guests, 26 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities separately designated in the state plan will organize delegations to participate, including Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Shanxi, Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, and Xinjiang. As for the ICCIE exhibition, exhibitor invitation for the main venue is basically completed, with a total of more than 1,800 enterprises from 14 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and 49 countries and regions participating. For project docking and the organization of other activities, the collection and prophase docking of key projects of cultural and creative industries are carried out; for trade promotions, forums and conferences, creative activities and sub-venues, program refinement has been completed and they have entered the final stage of implementation.

Friends from the news media, today it is 12 days from the opening of the 12thICCIE. We sincerely hope that all news media will give your warm concern and strong support to the ICCIE as usual. Through your participation and publicity, various social circles will have a better understanding of the ICCIE so as to jointly promote the great development and prosperity of China's cultural and creative industries. Thank you!


(For more information about the 12th ICCIE, you are welcome to pay attention to the “news center” column on ICCIE official website: http://www.iccie.cn/news/, and the official micro-blog and WeChat of “CCPITBJ”.)