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Media Convergence Achievements Appear at 2020 CIFTIS to Explore New Developments under Technological Changes

Sep 11, 2020 5:05:21 PM

Media Convergence Achievements Appear at 2020 CIFTIS to Explore New Developments under Technological Changes
With the development of national informatization, especially the vigorous development of 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, China’s media integration practice has risen to a national strategy and is placed in the transformation of governance system and the grandeur of governance capacity building Comprehensive advancement within the framework. At the upcoming 2020 CIFTIS, 30 media and media technology companies will fully demonstrate the achievements of China's media integration development.
Content is the core to create integrated products
On August 18, 2014, the fourth meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform deliberated and approved the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Integrated Development of Traditional Media and New Media. Since then, media integration has become a national strategy and entered a new era of development. Today, all aspects of the development of media convergence have achieved positive results.
This year's 2020 CIFTIS is the first major international economic and trade event held by China offline since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Among them, the exhibition has one comprehensive exhibition area, 8 special exhibition areas and several service function areas. As one of the eight thematic exhibition areas, the cultural service special exhibition area has a special “media integration exhibition area” with a total construction area of 3150 square meters. The development results of municipal media and district-level financial media centers in Beijing and financial media technology enterprises.
At the exhibition site, People's Daily focused on displaying the results of in the form of "central kitchen". In addition, Mala Finance, XiaKeDao, and JinTaiDianBing, which belong to 'central kitchen' type convergence media studio, have appeared in succession. Xinhua News Agency presents "Looking at China from 600,000 Meters from the Sky" and "China Rises" series of integrated media products, satellite illustrated book stories and other boutique short videos looped. The Beijing Daily introduced AR smart glasses through the display of physical objects and application scenarios, allowing audiences to experience 5G+4K+AR converged media technology immersively...Mainstream media vigorously develop converged media, starting from the construction of platforms such as “two micro-ends” and short-term Video, H5 and other forms are extended to mechanism innovations such as in the form of central kitchen. With content as the core competitiveness, all media create diversified, personalized, and visual "converged products", and produce works that people like to listen to, understand, and read. 
Technology empowers integration, reshapes the procurement, production process
Media convergence is inseparable from the support of advanced technology systems. Reshaping the acquisition, editing and distribution process is an important part of the development of media integration.
In the exhibition area, the Economic Daily showed the rapid and mobile acquisition and editing system and working mechanism that have been formed. It is reported that reporters can make a "panoramic news" in only four steps. After the front reporter transmits the panoramic image through the mini program, the background system of the panoramic image online processing platform will synchronize the panoramic image content for the first time, and the rear editor can download the panoramic image for local editing. If the front reporter is too late to make the legend of the panoramic picture, the rear editor can also edit the content according to the information in the panoramic picture, and publish it after submission.
Traditional editing and editing is limited by time and space, requiring a large investment of manpower and material resources, and also delays the timeliness. In the exhibition area, Beijing Broadcasting and Television Station demonstrated that the news gathering and editing forces that merged the original Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station, the original Beijing Television Station and Beijing Time have formed a joint force. Under the guidance of the media integration and consultation mechanism, the establishment of news topic sharing, reporter scheduling unified, the high-efficiency "central kitchen" form of distribution of film channels promotes the integration of traditional media content production and radio and television technology platforms to create integrated development, greatly improving the efficiency of news gathering and editing, and maximizing the effect of news promotion.
At the scene, Baidu showcased Xiaodu's products and Baidu's brain efficiently enabling live video, smart industry and other industry scenarios. Kuaishou Vedio, through "seeing the moment of great power", "seeing economic vitality", "seeing colorful culture", "seeing the power of integration", etc., let the audience experience how "live +" can help the national economic recovery and transformation under the background of the era of Internet media integration; iFLYTEK will showcase its smart media solutions and provide media workers with on-site product experience with a complete process of "collecting - editing - broadcasting - reviewing - saving".
Multi-channel intelligent distribution allows high-quality content to "out of the original field" 
Nowadays, through the layout of newspapers, websites, clients, social platforms, etc., the media has formed a media communication matrix of "news + network + terminal + micro", which provides ecological support for each other, aggregates channels and works together to make high-quality content "out of the original field". 
At the scene, the Beijing News showcased all media platforms including newspapers, news apps, Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou Vedio, The Beijing News, and Qianlong.com. It is reported that the platform has covered an audience of over 140 million people. Among them, APP realizes 20 channels, 146 columns, 7x24 hours of uninterrupted news feed, with an average daily original content of 450, and the number of user downloads has exceeded 75 million. "Our Video" has an average daily viewing volume of over 200 million; the official Weibo fans rank first in the Metropolis Daily; the total number of fans in the WeChat matrix exceeds 10 million.
The core of the channel is to deliver content and connect content producers and receivers, which is an extremely important part of news dissemination. With the development of technology, the media must adapt to the characteristics of different channels and the needs of different users to produce segmented and diversified products. 
Showcasing the "1+4+17+N" media integration development ecosystem
Relative to the comprehensive coverage of central-level media, the grassroots integrated media center as the "last mile" to guide public opinion will also be fully in place. At this 2020 CIFTIS, Beijing showcased the communication matrix of "1+4+17+N" (including 4 municipal-level financial media institutions and 17 district-level financial media institutions in Beijing), striving to create interconnection and mutual complementarity in Beijing. Promote the sustainable development of smart integrated media ecosystem.
Among them, 17 district-level financial media centers highlight Beijing's construction of a "1+4+17+N" three-dimensional communication pattern. Haidian convergence media provides the "Haidian Cloud" big data platform VR immersive experience, allowing visitors to experience the great convenience brought by information flow and distribution, and through AI intelligent service scenarios to let the audience understand in depth the real offline communities and online based on the client The thorough opening up of the virtual community in Shanghai has brought tremendous changes to life. Chaoyang convergence media showcases command and dispatch, text editing and review, video Internet non-editing and performance platform operations. It also brings you multi-platform interconnection and network security architecture graphic display, as well as artificial intelligence speech recognition, automatic generation of subtitles, and text. Automatic identification of error correction and other technical applications. Daxingconvergence media built the live broadcast experience area of Beijing Daxing International Airport, allowing visitors to intuitively experience the command and dispatch situation of ODC operation at the airport. Tongzhou convergence media has set up a VR experience area of "Aerial Photography Sub-center", using VR equipment and display technology, allowing visitors to intuitively experience the wonderful feeling of overlooking the sub-center, key sub-center projects and the Grand Canal landscape in the air. Fengtai convergence media takes the "Beijing Fengtai" client and the "Cloud Listening" client as its main propaganda positions, integrates the group resources of the professional opera schools in the area and the opera resources of the Central Radio and Television Station, and creates opera channels and "Good Listening in the Cloud Listening", The good show is in Fengtai" concept. Yanqing convergence media displayed and served the construction progress of the World Horticultural Expo and the Winter Olympics in multiple dimensions.
Under the impact of the iterative changes of information technology, the traditional public opinion environment, social structure and media ecology have undergone subversive changes. On 2020 CIFTIS, various media will show the process of building a coordinated and efficient omni-media communication system. They will also explore combining their own advantages, gather key resources, seize vertical areas, and meet rigid needs for segmentation; seize new infrastructure, new entertainment, new education, new consumption, new life, new social opportunities and other opportunities so as to be able to adapt to new developments.