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Boost Industry Confidence and Accelerate Industry Upgrade - Summary of 2020 CIFTIS Cultural Service Forum

Sep 11, 2020 5:34:56 PM

Boost Industry Confidence and Accelerate Industry Upgrade - Summary of 2020 CIFTIS Cultural Service Forum
The 2020 CIFTIS Cultural Service Special Forum event gathers many important industry forums, and extensively invites industry experts and scholars, well-known celebrities, business representatives and international colleagues. The forum activities will focus on building a socialist advanced cultural capital with Chinese characteristics full of humanistic care, humanistic style and cultural charm, creating a group of cultural brands that show the confidence of Chinese culture and the cultural charm of the capital, building a modern cultural market system, and making the cultural industry develop a structure Beijing's cultural industry development goals that are more reasonable and highlight the leading role of cultural innovation. Focusing on the creative innovation and coexistence of cultural science and technology, focusing on the integrated and innovative development of the cultural science and technology industry, and how to achieve high-quality development of the cultural industry after the epidemic, promote inclusiveness, co-construction and sharing, and discuss how the cultural industry seeks opportunities in crisis , Rising against the market, the main theme of the high-quality development of the cultural industry.
The post-epidemic era has become a hot topic
The China Cultural Industry Development Summit Forum will be held at the National Convention Center on September 5. "The high-quality development of China's cultural industry in the post-epidemic era" is exactly the proposition of the times to be discussed in this summit forum. The theme of the keynote speech session was "New Business Forms Drive New Consumption", and the roundtable dialogue focused on "New Scenes of Foreign Cultural Trade" and "New Cultural Consumption in the Post-epidemic Era". The theme of the forum is a new thinking on the high-quality development of the cultural industry under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control. The insights of the guests will provide effective reference and direction guidance for the future development of the cultural industry. The new business formats, new scenarios, and new consumption in the post-epidemic era are the upgrading and transformation of the traditional cultural industry model. This is not a stress response after the impact of the epidemic, but an irreversible trend of the digital economy and new cultural consumption. New requirements, we must actively expand and guide new digital cultural consumption, and further release the new demand for cultural consumption. With the expansion of the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, virtual reality and other technologies in the field of digital cultural industry, it will further reshape the pattern and appearance of the cultural industry.
Focus on new strategies for industrial innovation
The 2020 Beijing Cultural Industry Development Conference will closely follow the theme of "New Era · New Cultural Creation · New Blue Ocean Market-Beijing Urban Renewal and Cultural Creativity Upgrading", focusing on hot spots such as "Cultural Tourism Integration, Cultural Consumption, Cultural Poverty Alleviation", and Beijing Winter The characteristics of the times such as Austrian, fighting the epidemic, urban and rural cultural and creative cultural tourism, and in-depth discussion of the development trend and development path of the cultural industry. During the period, the Cultural Industry Research Institute of Renmin University of China will release the "Beijing Cultural Industry Development Index" to analyze and reflect the overall situation, main characteristics and future trends of the development of Beijing's cultural industry and cultural consumption.
For the 2020 China Cultural and Tourism Integration Development Forum with the theme of "stimulating the potential of culture and tourism consumption to promote the development of industrial integration", the World Tourism Cities Federation, the International Mountain Tourism Alliance and more than 30 corporate leaders will focus on the "post-epidemic era" Discussion on topics such as the development and innovation strategy of cultural and tourism enterprises, "Cultural and tourism integration and urban consumption upgrades", "Internet + cultural and tourism development", and "Global tourism and cultural and tourism future development trends",  jointly seek new ideas and new business formats for the integrated development of culture and tourism, and create a new height in the cultural and tourism economy.
Industry forum pays attention to market changes
As a series of cultural industry forums, the focus of the industry's more attention is the in-depth exploration and development of the industry. Digital publishing, cultural intellectual property rights, animation and games, etc., are the focus of the cultural industry and its cross-border guests.
In order to strengthen the communication and exchanges between the cultural industries at home and abroad on the above-mentioned hot spots, the 2020 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and the 2020 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum will be held online and offline simultaneously. The forum will invite leaders from the Central Propaganda Department, the Beijing Municipal Committee’s Propaganda Department, the China Publishing Association, as well as senior executives from publishing companies in the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries, as well as speakers from overseas publishing and cultural institutions in China, and international publishing media to share the diverse and integrated publishing formats New trends and new technologies. Representatives of well-known domestic and foreign publishing companies from the national publishing group, digital publishing, and publishing technology will participate in the forum. Experts in publishing, culture, media, technology, and the Internet at home and abroad will discuss and share successful experiences in digital publishing and cultural and creative copyright operations.
The "International Copyright Innovation Service Seminar" with the theme of "Cultural Relics · Creativity · Life" will rely on the ICIE Beijing derivatives innovation incubation center platform to promote the transformation of the capital's cultural resources advantages through the development of cultural and creative products, and introduce international and domestic excellent talents and resources will further strengthen the connotation value of "culture + innovation, and work together to serve the better life of the masses".
As one of the important forum activities for cultural expo and cultural relic display over the years, the International Forum for the Development of Animation and Game Industry has become a popular brand activity that young people pay attention to and participate in. The forum is dedicated to communication in the field of animation and games, product promotion, technology display, information exchange, comic interaction, and international cooperation. Statistics show that in the first quarter of 2020, the export revenue of Beijing's animation and game industry has increased by 30% year-on-year. In February, the "anti-epidemic theme" comics solicitation contest initiated by the Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association, united with relevant institutions in more than 40 countries and regions to collect more than 7,700 multilingual works, which had a good social impact.
The cultural consumption, cultural industry, and cultural trade market in the post-epidemic era will usher in a new round of upgrades and changes. The aforementioned forums will adhere to high-end leadership and innovation-driven. Focus on the high-end direction, high-end areas, and high-end links of the cultural and creative industry, promote the structural upgrade, business innovation, and chain optimization of the cultural and creative industry, and propose directions in terms of forming new advantages in cultural development by relying on innovation. At the same time, it also means that the cultural industry will carry the mission of the times of industrial transformation, economic revitalization and cultural revival. To serve the cultural industry, boost industrial confidence and accelerate industrial upgrading.