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Culture empowers a well-off society, creativity lights up life

Sep 13, 2020 2:15:05 AM

Culture empowers a well-off society, creativity lights up life
On the evening of September 4, 2020 CIFTIS officially kicked off. Starting from the 5th, 8 major topics will be launched to welcome guests. Among them, the main exhibition area of the cultural service exhibition on the first floor of the National Convention Center - the ICIE 2020 main exhibition area, has become a highlight with its three-dimensional and rich exhibition and distinctive exhibition area design.
Stepping into the E3 exhibition hall on the first floor of the National Convention Center, you can see that the quaint Beijing residential courtyards form the main exhibition area of ICIE 2020, revealing a sense of cordiality. The 3.8-meter-long plaque was specially made by a master in Liulichang with a tenon and tenon structure. The enlarged version of the residential window lattice is taken from the appearance of the real residential house in Yuer Hutong. Entering the exhibition area, you can see that China Mobile, Alibaba, Sony and other Fortune 500 companies, China National Books Import and Export Corporation, iQiyi, Universal Studios and other domestic and foreign industry leaders have brought new technologies and new products to the show.
The entire exhibition area conscientiously implements General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions to Beijing, firmly grasps the strategic positioning of the capital city, and fully demonstrates the overall framework of the national cultural center construction of "one core, one city, three belts and two districts" and the basic pattern of "four cultures". The goal is to meet the diverse and multi-level spiritual and cultural needs of the people, cultivate emerging cultural formats, and promote the high-end, integration, intensive, and internationalization of the cultural industry. Not only is it closely linked with the CIFTIS theme of "Global Service and Mutual Benefit Sharing", it is also a concentrated expression of the cultural service theme "Culture empowers a well-off society and creativity to light up life".
The naked eye 3D interactive media on the L-shaped screen shows the achievements of the national cultural center construction
Starting from the main entrance of the exhibition area, you can first see the shocking effect of the construction of the Beijing National Cultural Center brought by the large L-shaped LED naked eye 3D interactive screen. The meticulously produced 10-minute micro-film allows visitors to visually and conveniently understand the overall framework of the national cultural center construction "one core, one city, three belts and two districts", and since the city’s twelfth party congress, as the national cultural center, Beijing has achieved fruitful results in cultural construction.
Visitors can click on keywords respectively through the touch control panel. Watching the "one core" in the film is mainly demonstrated under the guidance of core socialist values, Beijing continues to promote Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era to take root in Beijing and form a vivid practice. "One City" takes the central axis application as the starting point to promote the protection and repair of the old city, the retreat and restoration, and the renovation of the style. The "Three Belts" revolve around the rejuvenation of the historical relics of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, the Great Wall Cultural Belt, and the Yongding River Cultural Belt of Xishan, the implementation of rescue repairs, and the overall improvement of the ecological environment. The "Two Districts" focus on creating a demonstration zone for the national public cultural service system, vigorously developing a leading zone for the development of cultural industries, and boosting Beijing's double harvest of cultural undertakings and cultural industries.
270 degree naked eye 3D large screen extends the boundaries of publications and reading experience
What will the new reading format look like in the 5G environment? Technological iteration has opened up the unlimited imagination of reading morphological changes: "Water is the eye wave, and the mountain is the gathering of eyebrows", the peaks are smudged in the poetic clouds and mist, forming a strange peak like a keel; Large soap bubbles, enveloping moist air, flew over from the distant ocean, and all burst, spreading countless colorful dreams in the arid northwest... use 3D modeling to dynamically present traditional Chinese landscape paintings, allowing readers to enter and travel through the paintings; Through the 270-dimensional large screen, readers can "immerse" in the science fiction scenes in Liu Cixin's novels, even more shocking than watching movies. This is the reading experience of in-depth integration of technology and culture displayed by China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) in the exhibition area.
As an important hub connecting the upstream and downstream of the publishing culture industry, CNPIEC leverages its own content resource advantages and application innovation capabilities, while actively exploring cross-industry integration and development, empowering publishing with new technologies, and providing 5G solutions for upstream content production units, and providing 5G smart new services for downstream cultural service units. In the exhibition area, the company upgraded traditional 2D publications, especially picture books, comics and other works, into 3D panoramic publishing content in two forms of naked eye large screen and mobile VR. The cultural and technological integration of virtual and reality, extending the boundaries of publications and reading experience . Constructing a panoramic cultural space of “immersive and immersed in front of your eyes”, breaking the boundary of time and space, allowing readers to stroll through the clouds to "walk" in the panoramic space and "appreciate" panoramic books.
Select the children's book "Drunkened Concubine" on the operation panel, and the interaction between the real-life performance of Dongyuan Theater and the characters in the picture book will appear on the 270-degree big screen. The quintessence of the country and the virtual reality of science and technology are integrated, extending the boundaries of publications and reading experience. Click on the painting "Mountains and Gardens" by Wang Yuanqi of the Qing Dynasty. On the big screen, the original paintings are dynamically presented using 3D modeling. Through the mobile VR immersive experience, people are like walking in the middle of the painting. Looking up, you can see the beauty of willow branches brought by Wang Yuanqi's unique brushstrokes. You can see the gurgling water and ancient woods and mountains of traditional Chinese paintings.
And click on the public library of the Red Mansion, you can "immerse yourself" through the reality reproduction technology. With the help of artificial intelligence, intelligent services for book recommendation and reading are realized. Readers will break the boundaries of time and space and enjoy equalized, high-quality cultural supply anytime and anywhere.
"The Grand Canal - Across Time and Space" applet - putting millennial culture into your pocket and check it at any time
The way of spreading Chinese culture through animation and games is becoming increasingly popular among young people. When you come to the main CIFTIS cultural theme exhibition area, you must go around the outer wall of this courtyard-like exhibition area to take a look at the "The Grand Canal-Across Time and Space" applet demonstration video exhibition that occupies a whole wall. The 3×20-meter ultra-wide screen, using hand-painted panoramic scrolls, presents the ancient and modern style of the Tongzhou Canal in Beijing. While restoring the busy scene of Tongzhou water transport in the Ming Dynasty, it fully demonstrates the times of the blue and green intertwined, light and shadow of Beijing's urban sub-center.
This applet is jointly created by China Encyclopedia Publishing House and Tencent. Stopping and looking carefully, you can see that the applet is mainly composed of three parts: canal map, canal object, and canal note. Among them, the canal map has a total of 14 drawings, which were created by Du Fei, a professor of the Mural Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and selected the most distinctive locations, times, and scenes in the history of the Grand Canal. After textual research, they reproduced specific historical scenes. The picture shows the majestic water palace, lifelike characters, busy water traffic, and developed commercial scenes. 14 pictures also contain 14 stories. Experiencers can perform in a small theater, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Grand Canal and listening to the interpretation of the past and present of the Grand Canal, which is quite immersive.
The canal block is similar to a 3D dictionary. The 3D models of ships, tools, animals, and characters appearing in the Grand Canal scroll are all individually listed as "entries." Finger sliding can also zoom in to observe the details of these canal features, and better understand and master historical details.
"Description of the Grand Canal" is a long interactive H5. As the scroll unfolds, the user clicks on the characters, buildings, objects, etc. in the drawing, and the scroll will continue to be colored. At the same time, text annotations will appear next to these characters, buildings, and objects, which is convenient for people to inquire and understand.
Two performances a day in the "Beijing Theater", three interactive experiences are waiting for you
Beijing Performance & Arts Group also set up a 40-square-meter performance stage in the main exhibition area of ICIE 2020, called "Beijing Performance Theater". This is not a big stage, but it will bring many surprises. Beijing Performance & Arts Group's 9 colleges and 10 art-related boutique shows, each day on this stage for 1 hour of 2 performances and displays.
"Beijing Performance Theater" itself is a "cloud" network theater with billions of views. Since its premiere on July 24, it has been displayed in a brand-new form of "guided tour + performance + reveal + interaction" and is presented wonderfully all day long. The broadcast is divided into 3 time periods and 4 sections: in the morning there is a Huimin performance season, in the afternoon there is a replay of famous opera classics, and in the evening, I will meet you with "acrobatics show", "Cloud Dance Field", "Folk Music Workshop", "Li Yuan Hui", and "Beijing Performances." There are 8 columns in "Cloud Singing", "Children's Paradise" and "Quyiyuan". Since the theater started broadcasting, the number of live broadcasts has reached nearly 80 million, short videos have been played 21 million times, and the number of views has exceeded 100 million.
The "Beijing Performance Theater" at the 2020 CIFTIS site brought three major interactive experiences, making visitors linger. The theater has set up a professional guide station for the audience, with lenses, mobile phones, light sticks, and microphones all available, and invites you to become the master anchor of "Beijing Performance Theater". The live broadcast picture can be transmitted to the live big screen in real time. The second interactive gameplay is relatively simple: on one side wall of the Beijing Performance & Arts Group exhibition area, a large screen playing the performance of "Beijing Performance Theater" is placed. When the audience stands on the PAD in front of the large screen, Will become the "Billionth Audience" of "Beijing Performance Theater". The third kind of interactive experience is called "One Second Touch." Click on the large touch screen, and three small programs will come into view. All the information you want to know can be obtained by just moving your fingers. Information, data, pictures and videos will all be presented in one second.
Visitors to the Beijing Performance & Arts Group exhibition area can not only feast their eyes, but also return with a full load. On-site audiences and online audiences can listen to Beijing Performance & Arts Group's official Weibo, WeChat, and Kuaishou vedio platforms, and participate in interactive activities by registration in and forwarding. The top three lucky fans who won the selection will have a chance to get performance tickets provided by 9 groups under Beijing Performance & Arts Group! 
Vlog of Xinhua News Agency assists short video shooting, editing, production and distribution
The vlog intelligent generation system launched by Xinhua News Agency at the exhibition site is an intelligent integrated media technology solution of 5G + Internet of Things + cloud computing + big data. A shooting robot, smart camera and other equipment can collect news images dynamically and in real time, and can automatically generate beautiful short videos through artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, video optimization, and video synthesis, and connect directly to the cloud through 5G News Center. Editors can use more than 30 software robots in the cloud news center to perform online intelligent editing. After the machine and manual review, the finished video can be distributed to major communication platforms, and the video transmission can be monitored in real time. At present, this technology has been applied in news reports, cultural tourism scenic spots, conferences and exhibitions. The audience can see this all-round intelligent robot keep shooting on the spot, and there is a demonstration of shooting on the big screen.
Perfect World's cultural and creative thinking empowers the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries
Perfect World also showcased its globalization achievements and cultural and creative energy transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the main exhibition area of ICIE 2020.
Among them, the film and television field displays some of the award-winning films that have reached strategic cooperation with the famous Hollywood company Universal Pictures, such as "Darkest Hour", which won the 90th American Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Makeup and Hair Design. "Phantom Thread" for the best costume design. "First Man" won the 91st Oscar "Best Visual Effect" award. In addition, there is "Shadow" produced by PERFECT VILLAGE ENTERTAINMENT HK LIMITED and directed by Zhang Yimou. This work won 3 awards for "Best Model Design, Best Art Director, Best Sound Effect" at the 13th Asian Film Awards.     
Speaking of cultural and creative thinking empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, in the field of enabling transportation, Perfect World created the "Yunbao" story and IP image for Air China, and used game mechanics to develop Air China's first exclusive in-flight game "Journey with" Cloud", with the image of a game, helps passengers unlock flight knowledge.     
In terms of empowering cultural and expeditions, Perfect World has partnered with Anhui Geological Museum to create a "science +" model. Based on the regional and iconic image of Yansi Wannanlong, the entire industry chain has developed animation intellectual property product "Dinosaur Hotel", which has promoted the Anhui region cultural dissemination also makes Anhui Geological Museum a benchmark for geological museums.
"Dinosaur Hotel" intellectual property product won the best investment value award of animation in Beijing 
In terms of inheriting intangible cultural heritage, the "New Legendary Swordsman" mobile game produced by Perfect World unites the "First Miao Village in the World" Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village and three non-genetic inheritors of Miao culture. The game reproduces the characteristics of the Miao nationality’s thousand-year history and culture, depicting a real and full of martial arts charm of the Miao world. The linkage between the new "Jade Dynasty" mobile game and Dunhuang culture. In addition, the "Condor Hero 2" mobile game and the Beijing Peking Opera Theater jointly launched the "Li Yuan Jing Yun" expansion. In-depth cooperation inside and outside the game will present and pass on the heritage of the Chinese people to more young people, boost national cultural self-confidence, and realize the two-way empowerment of art.
In addition to the above highlights, visitors can also see Sony's entertainment business collectively unveiled at the scene. "Man In Black" movies, "Demon Slayer" and other popular animated series, "Fate/Grand Order" and other high-quality mobile games, and immersive and interactive online entertainment solutions such as live concerts based on Sony VR technology. Kuaishou Video also reproduces the multiple camera screens of the "live broadcast + National Day 70-year military parade" that can be seen through Kuaishou through a surround layout, making people feel like they are in Tiananmen Square during the National Day in 2019. There is also the "Five New Services" launched by China Mobile Migu, which provide users in the 5G era with an immersive experience in all scenarios.
The display wall of brand cultural institutions in the exhibition area concentratedly displayed nearly 100 high-quality exhibiting companies, including the top 30 national cultural companies such as Fanta Wild, and the top 30 capital cultural companies such as Guardian Auctions. There are not only central key cultural enterprises such as the Foreign Research Institute, but also representative enterprises of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities such as Zhongnan Publishing. There are not only key cultural export enterprises such as Huajiang Culture, but also foreign brand cultural enterprises such as Dolby Laboratories. Let the visitors feel the strength and new development of culture.