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Transformation and upgrading, innovation and breakthrough, CNPIEC builds a new platform for publishing service trade

Sep 9, 2020 4:47:37 PM

Transformation and upgrading, innovation and breakthrough, CNPIEC builds a new platform for publishing service trade
2020 CIFTIS is about to be held in Beijing. As the world's first comprehensive exhibition in the field of service trade, it is also an important window for China's service industry to open up to the outside world. The 2020 CIFTIS cultural service topic has attracted the participation of many institutions and enterprises, which will contribute to the development of my country's culture and art. The results are displayed.
Among them, as an exhibitor, China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) is my country's largest and most powerful publication import and export company and an international book fair service organization. After more than 70 years of development, CNPIEC has now formed an industrial structure dominated by publication import and export, digital resource services, international exhibition services, on-demand printing, international publishing, cultural trade, financial real estate, etc., and has become an industry with advanced digital technology, Modern logistics centers, international marketing networks, and publication giants that provide services across the entire industry chain have realized the transformation from a traditional publishing trader to a content service provider, forming a new business pattern of "digital Chinese library".
CNPIEC has mainly set up four sections in the cultural service exhibition. Among them, Beijing International Children's Book Week and 5G New Reading will make their debut at Beijing 2020 CIFTIS, and "Yi Yue Tong" APP will also be highlighted at the booth of China Publishing Group.
In 2013, CNPIEC was based on its main import and export business, upgraded services with advanced technology, independently developed the global digital resource trading and service platform-"Yi Yue Tong" APP, to help the country's technology, economy and cultural construction from a higher starting point. "Yi Yue Tong" APP is positioned as "one platform, massive resources, and global services". It has been iterated to the fifth phase so far, and has become a one-stop professional digital content service platform integrating discovery, purchase, use, and management.
Keeping pace with the development of the digital age, the "Yi Yue Tong" APP has been continuously upgraded and improved in the fields of content, technology, promotion and services, and presents massive resources. It is manifested as having the distinctive characteristics of genuine authorization, strengthening academics, taking into account the public, platform expansion, subdivided services, overseas promotion, and active communication.
During the epidemic at the beginning of the year, the digital service of "Yi Yue Tong" APP was not interrupted due to the impact of the epidemic. CNPIEC has set up special anti-epidemic areas such as the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control" and "Overseas Coronavirus Open Resources" database to support the research and protection of the new crown, and contribute to scientific warfare. The "epidemic" provided assistance.
After the epidemic became normal, CNPIEC actively launched "online" and "cloud" services. Based on the "Yi Yue Tong" APP, working with third-party platforms, through special methods such as live video, "Cloud Book Fair", digital content library, etc., cooperate with domestic and foreign high-quality publishing houses to open 300,000 digital resources for free. It provides solid guarantees for cultural institutions and educational institutions in terms of resource guarantee, technical support, and service upgrades, setting off a new trend of "cloud reading" in a special period.
At the same time, CNPIEC, which has established a bridge for cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries, has also built the largest international exhibition service platform for China's publishing industry. The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), founded and hosted by CNPIEC, has successfully held 26 sessions since 1986, attracting more than 2,500 domestic and overseas publishing companies from more than 90 countries and regions to exhibit, exhibiting more than 300,000 titles Publications and book fairs have become the world's second largest book fair, becoming an important window for international publishing and cultural exchanges, an influential international book industry event, and a shining cultural business card for my country.
Taking into account the current needs of epidemic prevention and control, after careful consideration, BIBF 2020 launched a 365-day cloud book fair that does not end. With the help of 5G, virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies, key publications will be displayed in a panoramic view, and 24-hour continuous updates and instant messaging will be paired with virtual meeting rooms to present the cloud smart book fair.
By then, the Beijing International Children's Book Week hosted by CNPIEC will also make its debut in 2020 CIFTIS. The event includes two parts: the International Children's Book Fair and the Beijing International Intellectual Property Product Authorization Exhibition.
In addition, in the new 5G era, CNPIEC clearly positioned 5G and 4G different new content forms, targeting itself at 5G panoramic publishing. In two forms, naked-eye large screen and mobile VR, traditional 2D publications, especially picture books, comics and other works, are upgraded to 3D panoramic publishing content. Culture and technology are integrated with reality and reality, extending the boundaries of publications and reading experience. Construct a panoramic cultural space of "immersive and immersed in front of your eyes", breaking the boundary of time and space, allowing readers to stroll through the clouds to "walk around" the panoramic space and "appreciate" panoramic books.
With the acceleration of 5G commercialization, the high-bandwidth characteristics of 5G technology have opened up the innovation space of panoramic publishing for the publishing industry. CNPIEC insists on independent innovation and independent technology to develop 5G content cloud, equipped with multiple panoramic content, and realize cloud production and direct access to various terminals. Form a new cultural service that integrates large screens and small screens, and multi-terminal sharing, so as to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture.