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China Central Television (CCTV) 3D Special Effect Will Be Unveiled in Cultural & Creative Industry Expo Citizens Can Experience in Zero Distance

Nov 11, 2013 10:48:56 AM

News from Beijing Times: yesterday, from Chaoyang District Media Exchange Meeting of the 8th Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, the reporter learned that a number of 3D and animation technologies including CCTV Spring Festival Gala special effect providers will be unveiled in Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, and citizens can have interactive experience.
Feng Chunqiu, director of the development center of cultural and creative industries, said that the biggest highlight of the exhibitors in Chaoyang District is the integration of culture and technology. CCTV Spring Festival Gala special effect providers will be unveiled with their products so that ordinary citizens can experience the magic charm of rendering, tracking, identifying and dealing technologies of 3D graphic images. In addition, the first domestic self-developed virtual design collaborative work platform, the interactive cultural tourism new experience platform, etc., will also be exhibited in the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo.
Chaoyang District will also set up sub-venues in 10 cultural and creative industry cluster regions, and will hold more than 20 cultural and creative theme activities so as to be open to citizens.