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Taiwan Cultural & Creative Industry Exhibition will appear in the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

Nov 14, 2013 9:37:31 AM

The "Exhibition of Quality Products of Cultural Creation from Taiwan," which was set up in 2007 and has been unveiled in Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo for six consecutive years, will jointly launch the cultural and creative thematic exhibition by Taipei and Taichung for the first time this year: "Love for the Humanistic Land of Peach Blossom in Taipei" and "Cultural and Creative Capital • Taichung." More than 150 cultural and creative enterprises from Taiwan will show the urban cultural and creative theme blocks and cultural and creative life in Taipei and Taichung, which are of different styles but equally wonderful.
The large creative blocks launched by Taipei highlight showing the development path of the cultural and creative industries from a point to a line. The "International Cultural & Creative Zone of the Tasting Eastern and Western Quality Product Gallery" will bring a number of Taiwan original brand classics standing in international brands, such as Franz, Tittot, Liuligongfang, Shiatzy, etc., showing its leading international design capabilities and the care and persistence for beauty, details and quality in the brand development; the "new generation of generator nostalgia workshop zone" is intended to awake the declining memory under the prosperity of the change of the city, including the first Cultural & Creative Dream Incubating Base in Taipei—Ximen Octagon Red House, and hillside near water, temples with spring, viaduct highway and other special cultural landscapes; with the content of "Wuzhonghang" which is a century-old shop in Taiwan, NewChi, TALES myths, etc., "Esthetician Idling Home - Art Piling Zone" highlights the new atmosphere of the modern home aesthetics connecting the design and the life; in addition to exhibiting unrestrained public art in the street, "New Paradise of Designers─Fashion Humanity Area" also exhibits international design brands brought by the creative design studio, such as 3CO, TOAST, biaugust, DOMO and so on.
Taichung appears with "Creative Taichung - Capital of Taichung Creative Life," showing the image and strength of Taichung cultural & creative combining industry, economy and design life aesthetics in a concentrated way. It will exhibit the cultural & creative policies of "Taichung Cultural & Creative Two, Ten and Three" (the two cultural & creative cores: Metropolitan Opera House Art Special Area, Big House Special Area; ten cultural and creative life blocks; and three cultural festivals: Mazu Culture Festival, Jazz Music Festival and Creative Taichung). Among these things, "ten cultural and creative life blocks" will show the life pace and shape of each block, presenting the charm of original brands of Taichung and creative light life of Taichung. In addition, it will also show the achievements of bicycle international brand marketing, pastry skill innovation management, manufacturing industry transformation international light emission, traditional plant transformation tourism industry and other traditional industry transformation innovation of Taichung.
Taiwan Hall will hold opening ceremony at 10:00 on November 7 in the main venue and will hold the cross-strait urban cultural and creative industry business opportunity trade promotion fair in that afternoon.