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Oct 25 - Oct 28, 2018 - Beijing, China
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100 Cultural Plus Projects Make Their Appearance at the ICCIE 2018

Oct 27, 2018 8:58:48 AM

Yesterday, reporters learned that along with the 100-odd cultural and creative activities, a series of new business, products, technologies, platforms that integrate culture, science, finance and tourism would make their appearance at the ICCIE 2018 in Chaoyang District, Beijing, including the first National Cultural Industry Innovation Experimental Area, the first Federation of Protecting and Using Old Factory Buildings and Developing Urban Culture, the first Credit Promotion Association of Cultural Enterprises, and the First Cultural and Creative Cloud Park which is based on big data and cloud service.

It is reported that the Chaoyang District will participate in the ICCIE 2018 with the modes of 1+21. i.e. one main exhibition venue and 21 branch venues. The main venue, located at Hall 4 China International Exhibition Center with the theme of “Chaoyang District, Beijing —a National Cultural Industry Innovation Experimental Area”, will present 100-odd high-tech cultural projects, noted companies and brand events to give visitors a full understanding of the distinctiveness and highlights of Chaoyang District’s cultural industry.

Besides, the 21 branch venues orchestrate over 100 cultural and creative events covering the fields from digital creativity, to intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship, fashion experience, innovative technology and international cultural exchanges, all of which are intended to bring immersive experience to citizens who would find themselves carried away by this dazzling and splendid cultural feast. The events held in the branch venues include the China Digital Creativity and Technology Exhibition themed as Digital Technology Empowering the Integration of Culture and Tourism; the Second Maolong Cultural and Art Festival that brought intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship like the dragon scale binding and the Eight Marvelous Handicrafts of Beijing as well as exotic cultures like the African drum; the Third China (Beijing) Patchwork Invitational Tournament & Patchwork Arts Show by Fashion Industrial Innovation Park under the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and the Science · Art· Fashion Festival of BIFT 2018.