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China Focus: Beijing "Tribe Marketing": Natural Handcrafts Inherit the Spirit

Nov 30, 2013 4:28:00 PM

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Each work, such as handmade soap made of marble, driftwood artworks, and woven cloth woven with rubber silk fibers, is handmade of natural materials by aboriginal people. Taiwan aboriginal cultural and creative brand "tribe marketing" is unveiled in China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo. While inheriting the traditional culture, it also explores a new road for the economy of the aboriginal tribes.
In the newborn drifting exhibition area, more than a dozen fish-shaped wooden plates are hanging. The wooden plates without any modification look simple and low-key. However, this wood is made of unique and precious driftwood. The wood that has drifted for many times gets a new life in the creation of artists and inherits the culture used in the innovation of the aboriginal rare materials.
Wusaigulasi, CEO of "tribe marketing," said, "The drifting wooden plate that we are now seeing is formed as follows: typhoon often happens in Taiwan, the trees are blown down when there is a typhoon, the trees are rushed to the sea after being blown down, and this wood has been washed in seawater for many years. Our artists cherish the wood very much because our ancestors live like this."
The rubber silk woven cloth with unique patterns is formed by weaving the fibers which are extracted from the rubber tree trunk by the aboriginal people. It is both durable and pristine. In addition, every piece of artwork, such as handmade nougats, pineapple cakes, and soaps like marble which are made by the hands of tribal old women, have shown the inheriting histories and stories of the tribe. While inheriting and developing the culture, it also has found a new road for the economy of the aboriginal tribes.