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Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2015 - Beijing, China
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Focusing on Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, Manual Village: Drawing on Local Resources, and Experiencing the Beauty of Handicrafts Creative Production of Natural Materials, and Artworks Made of Stones

Nov 30, 2013 4:28:52 PM

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Next, we will focus on Beijing. The 8th Cultural & Creative Industry Expo was formally launched yesterday. In the current Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, the exhibition area of Beijing IHAC Busress Management Co., Ltd. received special attention. The villagers and artists change the handy plain materials into artworks of a unique style through the culture and creativity by drawing on local resources.
The soil which seems ordinary by outsiders can be molded into farm houses in the harvest season in the hands of artists, such charmingly naïve fat babies, funny old couples, rollers for grinding millet, shoulder poles for carrying water, and red peppers.
Hao Fengling, a folk clay sculpture master, said, "Soil is the most primitive. Farmers have been dealing with soil since they were born. It enables people to feel more intimate and more natural."
Hu Minqiu, a spectator, said, "I think that the art can come for life and can be fully grounded when I seeing this stone and this soil. The art exists in all aspects of our lives, so you can find the art wherever you are."
In the handicraft manufacturing area, the audience can draw their favorite designs in stones freely, manufacture their own unique artworks, and feel the charm of handicraft manufacturing.
Mao Yipei, a spectator, said, "It is interesting. I like these very much and especially admire people who have that creativity."
Ge Jiangyan, general manager of Beijing Huairou Handmade DIY Window Experiencing Base, said, "It will enable people to really step into the art, to make a contact with the art in zero distance, and then to create their own products."
At the scene, there are also uniquely creative three-dimensional rock paintings. Peng Lixin is a villager near Beijing Huairou IHAC Busress Management Co., Ltd. After being graduated from the major of Landscape Architecture in the college, he loves handicraft manufacturing, so he creatively produces these most natural stone materials. Now, he serves as an assistant of the manual village and teaches handcraft DIY. In addition, the small stones in the eyes of the villagers can both be changed into artworks and be designed and transformed into articles of daily use.
Peng Lixin, the writer of stone handmade paintings, said, "We can also create something when we are free at home. We can make some cup mats or similar things with stones."
In addition to taking stone and clay as raw materials, bamboo, fur, cloth, iron and other natural materials are also creatively applied by artists and the villagers, becoming desk lamps, shelves, ornaments and other items. At the scene, the domestic and foreign distinctive handmade living artworks and the handicrafts made by the national-level intangible cultural heritage masters have also been exhibited intensively. In Huairou handmade DIY creative experience base, thousands of people can be accommodated at the same tome to have a handmade creative experience.
Wang Ran, executive deputy general manager of China Huairou Beijing IHAC Busress Management Co., Ltd., said, "In this manufacturing process, you will experience your happiness. It is a way of life for expressing yourself. Therefore, DIY is very important. Experiencing this kind of happiness is very important."