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Focusing on Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo: "Golden Panda" International College Student Film and Television Work Selection Award Is Announced

Nov 30, 2013 4:29:52 PM

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The International College Student Film and Television Work Selection Award of the 12th Sichuan TV Festival Golden Panda Award were held in Beijing University Creativity Headquarters Base which is the sub-venue of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo yesterday.
The work Beijing which tells Chinese stories was written by a student of Boston University in the United States, and won the best Social Documentary Award in the selection. And the work of a German student The War of Queen gained the documentary award. The work of a Switzerland student Pavone won the drama award. Of course, Chinese students also have a pretty good performance. For example, the work from Beijing Normal University Fan Miaomiao Log gained the award for the best documentary director, and the work from Beijing Film Academy Ticket Office also won the animation award.
Chen Hong, the Organizing Committee of the 12th Sichuan TV Festival "Golden Panda" Award, said, "Each session is improved, especial this session. The judges just said one award-winning work in them can be simply said to be perfect, shocking and unexpected. They thought that they cannot shoot such a film. Basically, they face the reality, face the life, and directly express what they are thinking. Therefore, we feel that their works are real and credible first; and second, they are cutting-edge and pioneering.
It is worth mentioning that these works are mostly from the real-life experiences of the creators, such as Ticket Office which tells a story of a conductor and a dog, the work Re-dancing which pays attention to a group of cancer patients, etc.
Jie Xiuyuan, the director of documentary Re-dancing and a student in Shanghai University, said, "They overcome a very important hurdle (namely, cancer) in their lives by the way of dancing. I did voluntary work in a hospital. I recognized them when I did voluntary work, and then I understand such a group. You cannot write a good book if you do not know the society, if you do not know your own life, or if you do not understand the lives of the surrounding people."
The current award ceremony uses a live interviewing manner. Zhang Li, Zhai Junjie and experts and scholars in the film and television circle made remarks on these films at the scene, had a face to face communication with the students, and were welcomed by everyone.
Bai Xi, the director of the cartoon Ticket Office and a student in Beijing Film Academy, said, "I think it is very good to have this opportunity in the school. We can also have a direct communication with insiders and see a variety of very excellent teachers."
The current International College Student Film and Television Work Selection Award of Golden Panda Award includes four categories, such as drama films, documentaries, animated films, and experimental works. It has collected 2,814 college student works from 44 countries and regions, and 36 works eventually won awards.