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Focusing on Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Expo: The Cultural and Creative Products Pay Attention to Environmental Protection, and the Minor Details Are Also Green

Nov 30, 2013 4:30:52 PM

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Currently, the concept of energy conservation and environment protection is very popular. In the 8th Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo being held, both the exhibition arrangement and creative products also pay much attention to the environment protection.
Many exhibition halls reflect low carbon and simplicity in the design and material applications in the current Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, such as reception desks decorated with discarded cans, big screen walls built by discarded bins, and reusable floors.
Chen Mingjie, a worker of Haidian exhibition hall of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Expo said, "We cooperate with environmental protection organizations this time. We have set up some recycling stations at the scene. The audience can use their Coke bottles in exchange for gifts."
These environmental volunteers from Beijing Jiaotong University are recycling beverage bottles. They present cartoon clips, seeds, potted plants and other different gifts to the audience in accordance with the number of empty bottles provided by the audience and with the situation that the audience answers questions, and advocate to hold the green exhibition and visit the environmental protection exhibition through activities.
Visitors said, "This is a small gift given in the participation of environmental protection activities, which is exchanged by three bottles. I think this is very good. If such environmental awareness can be promoted in the whole city, such as garbage classification, exchanging things, I think that it will play a better role in the garbage collection for the citizens. "
The creative designs turning waste into treasure can be seen everywhere in Beijing College Student Creative Market Exhibition Area, such as handicrafts made of discarded steel wires and beer bottle caps, and masks woven by discarded jute bags.
Xu Xiangyu, a student of School of Design and Arts in Beijing Institute of Technology, said, "This work is made of old jute bags recycled by me. And then, these jute bags and hemp ropes form a face image with a different weaving and winding method, endowing new meanings for old things."
After being carefully designed and manufactured by college students, the objects which were discarded previously not only have an artistic aesthetic effect, but also generate economic benefits.
Xu Xiangyu, a student of School of Design and Arts in Beijing Institute of Technology, said, "On the first day of the exhibition, a lot of people want to buy my work, but during the exhibition, the works are not for sale, and can only be sold in the last day of the exhibition."