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Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2015 - Beijing, China
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"Magic" Props Have a Novel Design, and Creative Products Are Eye-catching

Nov 30, 2013 4:33:07 PM

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Then, let’s turn to the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo. Technology has changed lives, which is reflected in all aspects. Making efforts to draw or staring at a computer desk to click the mouse is probably the normal working state of all designers. Have you thought that designing can also be like playing a real person CS. Next, we will go to Haidian Exhibition Hall of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo to broaden our visions.
When wearing 3D glasses, and taking the data pen, visitors are immediately trapped in the virtual world in the face a screen in the exhibition hall, and become designers of Shenzhou spacecraft. This is a spaceship model being designed. The detailed structure in the model design and other data and images are all integrated on a screen, and they are clear at a glance. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the spacecraft, you can see a new 360-degree three-dimensional effect immediately as long as you stretch out your hands to disassemble it, throw it away and replace it with another data combination.
This allows each design modification and design review to become as easy and convenient as disassembling a toy, saving time and effort. At the scene, we can fully feel the shock that this novel creativity brings to every visitor.
Visitors said, "I feel I am personally on the scene."
The magic glass, magic pen, and software system has a complicated name--"virtual design collaboration platform," which is an independently researched and developed product built by a company from Haidian exhibition area for many years. After the completion of the design, when designing the software, designers import these data into the working platform with a key and can always render high-resolution images so as to allow designers to immediately see the three-dimensional effect, scan three-dimensional images from any angle view, discover design flaws in the design process timely, and make quick adjustments. However, this is a great toy for use by professional designers. In the future, this great toy can be applied to the film and television production, industrial design, architectural design and other industries.
Exhibitors of Haidian exhibition area said, "It can make the whole model completely float into the air, and then we can dismantle the model directly in the air with hands."
Although this robot looks unremarkable, it has a practical name - domestic robot. When different programs are entered, it can become a nanny in your home, and you should test its induction level first.
"May I ask what you need?"
Exhibitors of Haidian exhibition area said, "Tolerance."
Smart robots can very accurately identify it according to the owner's password.
In addition, reporters of other halls also have seen a lot of innovative and creative exhibits. In the main venues of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, interactive technologies developed by large and small companies are applied in the cultural and creative field. However, more people of insight need to discover and make use of these leading creative consciousnesses so as to make people's lives more colorful.