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Gross of Films in the First Three Quarters Is Nearly 17 Billion Yuan, the Domestic Films Rise and Hollywood Encounters Setbacks

Nov 30, 2013 4:34:17 PM

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Here, let’s take a look at the film market. Not long ago, the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television released that the gross of films in the first three quarters of this year is nearly 17 billion Yuan, and there are 27 domestic films whose gross exceeds 100 million Yuan, which is far more than the total number of 21 domestic films last year. The gross of the domestic films exceeds that of the imported films represented by Hollywood films by nearly 3 billion Yuan. The gross of the domestic films is less than that of the imported films last year. But this year, it can be said that we have a major win.
Michael Kutza, president of Chicago International Film Festival, said, "It took fourteen years to shoot Avatar. It also took three years to shoot Transformers. These 'super blockbusters' are what the Chinese audiences want to see. Because there are fewer such Hollywood films this year, the gross has also been reduced."
In the international film industry development seminar of the 8th Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo held just a few days ago, Michael Kutza, founder of Chicago International Film Festival and president of Chicago International Film Festival, told reporters that Hollywood films encounters setbacks in China mainly because of the lack of super blockbusters like Avatar and Transformers. But the fact is not entirely true. The data released by the State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television show that the gross of films in the first three quarters of this year in China reaches RMB 16.42 billion, in which the gross of the domestic films is 9.56 billion yuan, exceeding the 6.86 billion yuan of the gross of the imported films by 2.7 billion yuan. Look at the list of top ten in the current gross, in which there are six domestic films and four imported films. It is worth mentioning that in the films in the list of top ten, the domestic films are better both in topics and public praise. For example, Finding Mr. Right has triggered the audience to have a discussion for love and marriage. And So Young has triggered all the people to recall their youth. But in the imported films, Iron Man 3, Fast & Furious 6, and Man of Steel have not broken away from the popcorn pattern, with only special effects in the films and conventional stories.
The audience said, "For example, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons in the beginning of this year, Finding Mr. Right, So Young and American dreams in China have good gross and very good public praise. Compared with them, the imported films are relatively similar in themes. For example, they all have hero themes, including Thor: The Dark World which will be shown at once, in which we will have aesthetic fatigue."
The audience said, "Although they (imported films) are better in the manufacturing skills than the hardware of the domestic films, in fact, we need a good story more. At this point, I think that our domestic films are improved in the creation of stories in recent years. "
We can say that the domestic films, such as Conquering the Demons, So Young, American dreams in China, Finding Mr. Right, and Tiny Times, also represent the development trends of the contemporary Chinese film market. When old directors are maintaining the level, new directors are emerging. The new forces of directors, such as Zhao Wei, Xue Xiaolu, Guo Jingming, have new ways of thinking and have different understandings for films, so they have relatively new skills.
Wang Tianyun, vice president of Shanghai Film Association, said, "Both the Americans and Hollywood are investigating the reason why the Chinese domestic films are developing so rapidly. Furthermore, the emergence of these films is not accidental, but is accumulated. The new directors are professionally trained and have some youthful vigor. The films will become the stage of young people in the future. Now, investors have already had significant changes in the ideas, and they will employ a group of young people."
Furthermore, an important reason why the domestic films counterattack Hollywood blockbusters is the rich types of the domestic films. The audience does not blindly believe famous directors any longer. The film content itself can become a selling point. The consecutive emergence of So Young, American dreams in China, Tiny Times and other films with a high gross have rapidly ripened the youth theme of this type. At the same time, the romantic comedy created by Love is Not Blind a few years ago also continues to be vigorous this year. The films shown in the third quarter, such as The Stolen Years, My Lucky Star, etc., have gained the market recognition.
Wang Changtian, CEO of Enlight Media, said, "We have made a new breakthrough in some film types that were thought to be impossible to have a high gross in the past. In the past, the gross mainly focused on ancient costume blockbusters or films of some famous directors."
Around the globe, there are only a few countries and regions in which local films can be prevailed over Hollywood films in the confrontation. Filmmakers in South Korea with the successful experience told the reporters that the fundamental reason is to insist on the categorization of subdividing films. For example, Mr. Go and Man chu are the representatives of the respective types. 
Lee, Joo Ick, filmmaker in South Korea, said, "There are all things in Korean films, such as commercial film directors and filmmakers and independent films. This diverse and colorful background is the reason why the Korean market can challenge Hollywood. I am very optimistic about the Chinese film industry in the future."
With the repeatedly miracles made in the domestic films, at present, there are more than 50 directors in Chinese Club of Directors whose gross reach one hundred million yuan. Exceeding the gross of three hundred million yuan, five hundred million yuan, and seven hundred million yuan has become a new baseline for the domestic films.
Wang Changtian, CEO of Enlight Media, said, "The 'phenomenal level' that we are talking about now usually indicates the films with a gross of at least more than 500 million. But I also hope that some of these films can make a new record in the Chinese film gross. The new record indicates a single film with a gross between 1.5 billion and 2 billion yuan, which will certainly appear next year."
According to the latest data, the total gross in China this year has exceeded the accomplishments of 17.073 billion Yuan last year up to now. In less than one month, it will usher in blockbusters-new year's films of the domestic films. Calculated in accordance with the average annual growth rate of more than 30% of the Chinese film gross, the film gross throughout this year may reach 22 billion yuan eventually.
This year, the domestic films have not only achieved the highest gross in China, but also are moving towards the international arena.