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The Cultural & Creative Industry Expo: There Are Funny Gifts Here

Nov 30, 2013 4:37:16 PM

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Presenter Ludi said, "This watch is the one that Wangjuan just gave me."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "I make an offhand decision to give it to you because it matches your shirt very much."
Presenter Ludi said, "Please do not take a photo of this watch freely. I will tell you that net friends may say that this watch has a problem through human flesh search."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "This watch is actually not suitable for you."
Presenter Ludi said, "This watch is also provided with 1234. The key lies in the fact that there is a button like a phone on both sides of it."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "It is used to dial telephones. There is also a button on the side surface."
Presenter Ludi said, "I know. In fact, it should be a lighter."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "That’s wrong. This is for the kids."
Presenter Ludi said, "Is it a toy?"
Presenter Wangjuan said, "You will understand after watching our film. Because our reporters went to attend the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo being held in Beijing today, we will take you to see very creative Beijing gifts today."
Reporter Hu Zhihuan said, "Am I cool today? I wear a pair of sunglasses, which are different from ordinary sunglasses. Beside me, it has a conduction system, which holds the headphone on the ear bone. When driving, you will feel too much vibration to ears when answering phones. And then you take off the sunglasses. We are now at the scene of the counter of Beijing gifts of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo. There are 50 high-tech Beijing gifts including those in my hands in total this year. "
There are fashionable glasses integrating sunglass and headphone features. This beautiful bracelet is in fact a mobile sensor, which connects the phone via Bluetooth. One the phone rings, it vibrates. In so noisy crowd, we need not worry about the phone ringing any longer. And this cartoon watch is unable to only keep time. What functions are there? It will be revealed in the studio.
Visitors said, "Now, it is the era of technology, so we also hope that something that we are using is able to have higher technological content."
Qiu Yizhong, responsible people of the 10th Beijing Tourism Goods Contest Organizing Committee, said, "The features lie in the high-tech area this year, including conduction headphones, which represent such world-class products."
It is not enough to only see Beijing gifts. What flavor is Beijing flavor?
Reporter Hu Zhihuan said, "Now we are stepping to the home of Beijing people. You know that there are many delicious foods in Beijing. It can be known that Beijing people like to eat. What foods are there? Please see this way. These are all things of old Beijing."
Staff said, "Look at Beijing tea mugs, oil-tea camellia and almond tea."
Beijing residents said, "Almond tea belongs to old Beijing. Nonlocal friends will have a taste."
Guangdong Guangzhou residents said, "It has a very strong almond flavor."
Please take friends to taste Beijing snacks, and walk along Beijing Hutong. This flavor only exists in Beijing and is only thick in Beijing.
Visitors said, "Pea cakes and noodles with soybean paste are delicious."
Are there gifts suitable for the elderly in addition to the young people?
Reporter Hu Zhihuan said, "I also find a gift especially suitable for the elderly in Daxing exhibition hall, namely, traditional Chinese medicine pots."
You should control the heat when boiling traditional Chinese medicines. Such traditional Chinese medicine pot is provided with heat preserving and heating buttons. The elderly do not need to go to adjust the heat.
Sun Ronghua, a worker of Best Pharmacist Online Shop, said, "Because it is a classic hot spot, it usually takes about half an hour to boil medicine. Furthermore, it has a large capacity, with 3.5 liters."
The main venue of Beijing gifts is located in Hall 5 of the old International Exhibition Centre for free visit. The exhibition times will last to November 10, namely, this Sunday. If you have time in this weekend, you can go to visit it.
Presenter Wangjuan said, "It is very interesting. Beijing tourism relevant departments have spent nearly seven years improving Beijing gifts. Up to now, we will find that Beijing gifts newly appearing are more and more creative at least every year."
Presenter Ludi said, "And look at this thing. I have seen it for a long time. The collection is popular now. Can you guess what is it exactly? Is it blue amber or amber or plastic?
Presenter Wangjuan said, "No, I just saw a few holes in it."
Presenter Ludi said, "What is it used for?"
Presenter Wangjuan said, "This is used when people cannot feel the phone calls when going shopping sometimes or when it is noisy in the surrounding environment."
Presenter Ludi said, "You cannot hear it. The phone is in the bag during vibration."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "Yes. It can prompt you that you have calls so that you can feel it more obviously."
Presenter Ludi said, "If I wear it in my hand, it will vibrate when there are phone calls."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "Yes. It will certainly sound because it has small holes."
Presenter Ludi said, "And the key lies in the fact that the effect of this product is very consistent with the collected flavor in our ancient times."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "It is very ancient."
Presenter Ludi said, "It is really a little like the blue amber."
Presenter Wangjuan said, "Oh, it gets more and more like it. However, I will also remind you that many eople are not accustomed with this Bluetooth earphone when driving. In fact, it advocates that you should not wear it when you do not drive and you will not use it when you are not forced."