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The Winter New Products of Beijing Gifts Is Released in the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

Nov 30, 2013 4:38:23 PM

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Let's talk about some easy topics below. In the latest news from the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, just this morning, the relevant authorities released the latest Beijing gifts in autumn and winter to people.
In the Beijing Gift Exhibition Area of 2013 Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, the award-winning works of the 10th Beijing Tourism Goods Design Contest are shown in the centre exhibition hall. There are a variety of bone conduction headphones, GPS multifunctional tourist bracelets, Beijing style mobile phone card readers, and all kinds of tourism goods with Beijing characteristic and marked with Beijing symbols.
It is reported that 2013 autumn and winter new products of Beijing gifts released this time contain 92 types of goods in seven series in total, not only including Eight Great Sights of Yanjing, New Beijing 16 Sights, Beijing Opera Facial Masks and other Beijing scenery painting products and their derivatives, but also including products of technology and creative category, food of time-honored brand, tea and the upgrading package special products from regions and counties.
Wang Jian, licensed operator of Beijing Gifts and deputy general manager of Beijing Gongmei Group, said, "This little thing is a shape of one emperor in our palace, and is shown in a form of cartoon. Its use value lies in the fact that it is another seal itself. Each seal is engraved with Beijing tourism souvenir and tourism landscape."
It is understood that there are four categories of Beijing gifts. More than 2,000 products are promoted to the market in total. Meanwhile, 60 Beijing gift shops in various tourist attractions, transportation hubs and commercial blocks of Beijing have also been recognized by tourists from all places, becoming a business card of the image of Beijing city.
Cao Pengcheng, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission said, "So far this year, the sales volumes of more than 60 Beijing gift shops have reached nearly 70 million yuan."
It is reported that Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee will be united with three licensed operators to launch new products of Beijing gifts successively at twice in each spring and autumn.