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Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2015 - Beijing, China
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The Main Venue of the International Exhibition Center of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo Is Carried Out Comprehensively, and the Creation "Etherealizes" Beijing

Nov 30, 2013 4:39:18 PM

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The national-level cultural and creative industry event jointly organized by Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Press and Publication and Radio and Television and Beijing Municipal Government, and the 8th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo was kicked off last night. The activities of the main venue will also be carried out comprehensively in the old hall of the International Exhibition Center. More than 1,800 domestic and foreign cultural and creative enterprises have set up a creative gluttonous feast to the public.
A simple opening ceremony lasting for less than 5 minutes in the Capital Theatre last night opened the 8th event which has the largest exhibition scale and most sub-venues since the foundation of the China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo. After a brief speech, the famous drama "Wotou Hall" of Beijing People's Art Theatre was staged. Yan Xiaohong who is the deputy director of the State Administration of Press and Publication and Radio and Television, and the leaders who led a delegation to attend the Cultural & Creative Industry Exp, Wang Lu, Huang Yanrong, Cheng Hong who is the Vice Mayor of Beijing, and Yang Xiaochao attended it. From this day onwards, more than one hundred diverse activities will be in full swing in more than 40 venues. In the old hall of the International Exhibition Center, more than 1,800 cultural and creative enterprises from home and abroad will exhibit innovative cultural products and major industrial cooperation projects from the national cultural and creative industry parks. There are 23 provinces, autonomous regions and cities and municipalities with independent planning status sent delegations to attend the expo.
Responsible people of the exhibitors said, "We can carry the whole studio to home with this set of equipment so as to complete the live broadcast of a whole process."
Citizens said, "I feel pretty good. I feel that this creativity is very close to our lives, and can be applied to our lives."
Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo has gradually become the event that has attracted the attention of the international creative circle. More than 30 delegations from International Council of Museums and other international organizations, 26 countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan have also made a special trip to be participated in the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo. In the current Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, although made smaller, the radio, film and television exhibition is still the most popular exhibition hall. Beijing Radio and Television has an area of only 500 square meters this year, and has reduced the built funding by nearly a half, but in the limited space, it still accommodates the excellent displaying content of 14 units. The radio, film and television public service exhibition held for the first time told the construction process in radio and television coverage works, quality writing, theater construction and other aspects. China Beijing TV Station also appeared in the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo with a simple and elegant image. Many activities interactive with the audience will be held for the presenters of channels, making the distance between the media and the people closer. In the exhibition site, visitors can also vote on the scene for the China Beijing TV Station Second Favorite Presenter Large Selection Activities.
In Taihu International Book Market sub-venue of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, various activities are kicked off today. More than 600,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign fine books appear in numbers.
Citizens said, "The activity is quite distinctive, and the breed, scale and its size are pretty good."
In the second Chinese Culture Financial Innovation Summit, China Minsheng Banking Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreeme with Beijing cultural and creative enterprises, Beijing Ore Auction, H&R Century Pictures, etc., providing a total of one billion yuan of intent credit.