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Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2015 - Beijing, China
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The Main Venue of the Cultural & Creative Industry Expo Has Welcomed 160,000 Visitors Within Three Days

Nov 30, 2013 4:40:16 PM

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Since its opening on the November 6, the 8th Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo has organized about 100 activities, such as exhibition and presentation, forum, meetings etc. more than 1,800 global creative enterprises gather in the main venue of China International Exhibition Center. It has attracted 160,000 viewers to visit it within the three days of exhibition.
In the radio, Film and television exhibition area, Propeller TV, BON TV and other Chinese foreign media have shown the charm of Chinese culture to go globally. BMN appear in the Cultural and Creative Industry Expo in an overall image for the first time. Within a limited space, it shows the latest results from the program editing to new media technologies. In the cultural tourist attraction and tourism product exhibition area, Beijing gifts closely combining the history and culture with the contemporary aesthetic appreciation are distributing the endless charm.
The exhibition area of cultural and creative industry cluster regions not only shows the cluster development trend of CBD customized clothing, international media corridors and other cultural and creative functional areas, but also provides a display stage for film and television companies which are good at 3D immersive technology. The city leaders Li Wei, Tang Long, Dai Junliang, Yang Xiaochao, Wang Yongqing, etc., went to visit it, respectively.