ICCIE 2017

Creativity, Culture, Technology and Wealth

Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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Exhibition Layout

Sep 13, 2017 11:50:33 AM

Hall 1-1A: cultural synergetic development of Jing-Jin-Ji

Hall 1-1A: national service platform for digital content trading

Hall 1-1A: Beijing’s local chronicle

Hall 1-1A: logistics cultural innovation

Hall 1-1B: news and publishing, radio film and television

Hall 1-2A: exquisite cultural and creative works from Taiwan

Hall 1-2B: cultural relics and relevant cultural and creative works from museums

Hall 2: arts and crafts

Hall 3-4: cultural and creative industrial parks

Hall 5: tourism in Beijing

Hall 6: creative design ideas

Hall 6: cultural and innovative products of youth

Hall 7: modern wooden art

Hall 7: trading of cultural gifts and artworks

Hall 8A: sports industry

Hall 8A: international cultural and creative industries

Hall 8A: Fashion Beijing

Hall 8A: culture + economy achievements

Outdoor: metro public art of Beijing

Hall 8B: domestic cultural and creative industry