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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference of the ICCIE to jointly deliberate the integrative development of the publishing industry

Sep 11, 2017 1:49:20 PM

The 12th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE 2017 for short) will be held from September 11 to September 13 in Beijing. As one part of the forums and meetings section of the “six in one” platform of ICCIE 2017, 2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference will be held on September 11 at Xijiao Hotel Beijing.

China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Training Conference 2017 of the ICCIE aims to enhance the influence of Chinese digital publishing in the cultural innovation field and promote the integrative development of Chinese publishing industry to construct a culturally strong country. The Forum is co-hosted by Chinese Publishers Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council and China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society. LIU Binjie, chairman of Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee of National People's Congress and president of Chinese Publishers Association, will be invited to deliver a keynote speech. Experts in digital publishing, new media, legal, education and finance will conduct high-level dialogues, in which they will jointly explore the transformation and upgrading of Chinese publishing industry, and draw the next one-hundred-year grand blueprint as well as a promising prospect for Chinese publishing industry.

The leap from a big publisher to a strong one requires continuous innovation in the content to be published, as well as the support of new publishing technology. The integration with new technology premises the future of publishing industry. The state has already put forward the direction of integrative development in the publishing industry, but various units need to formulate feasible plans for development paths and patterns to fit themselves. The high-level dialogues among different experts will provide advice and suggestions for the development, transformation and upgrading of the publishing industry and generate more ideas for reference and sharing.

2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference is consistent with the theme of ICCIE 2017―“integration of culture and technology, inheritance and innovative development", which is the sure way to seize the historical opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative, to promote the development of the publishing industry, as well as the requirement to comprehensively enhance Beijing’s cultural innovation, international competitiveness and influence, helping to realize the Chinese dream.

It is reported that three parallel forums will be set up this year. First, The Integrative Development of Traditional and Digital Publishing Market Mechanism: experts in corresponding industries will deliver speeches on topics like the integrative development of traditional and digital publishing market mechanism, the new trend of international digital creative publishing, how to apply big data in the publishing field, how to construct Internet ecosystem in the publishing industry, exploration of system innovation and market mechanism innovation of Chinese publishing industry, and trans-sectoral extension of publishing industry value, etc. Secondly, Fusion Development of Capital and New Technology in Digital Publishing: guests’ keynote addresses will focus on topical issues such as fusion development of capital and new technology in digital publishing, the core value of big data in nationwide reading, innovative application of big data in Chinese Online, science and technology service upgrading in the digital publishing era and investment strategy and profit model in digital reading. Thirdly, Innovation of Integrating Digital and Traditional Publishing with Talent Education: the participants will jointly deliberate topics on news publishing talent education, upgrading of science and technology service in the digital publishing era, innovative and globalized exploration of traditional publishing talent education, and the positioning and capability of project managers in digital publishing, etc.

At the 2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference of the ICCIE, new media products will be exhibited, and project negotiations as well as independent joints will also be conducted. At the same time, more activities such as the Launching Ceremony of China Digital Publishing Map 2017 will be held.