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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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An Overview of the Forums at ICCIE 2017

Sep 13, 2017 9:43:39 AM

The 12th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo will be held from September 11 to September 13 at the China International Exhibition Center (old center) in Beijing.

Six forums are launched at ICCIE 2017. Topics to be studied are elaborately selected for new, practical and concrete issues. The forums center on furthering the range, depth, level and extent, of the integration of culture and technology, promoting the technological consciousness of cultural enterprises and the cultural consciousness of science-and-technology enterprises, and boosting the quality promotion of cultural products to meet the cultural consumption demands. In regards to the form, online and offline interaction is adopted to integrate technology and innovation in order to spread comprehensively through social media, traditional media, and We Media.


Science and Technology Integration: promoting the technological consciousness of cultural enterprises

2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum and Publishing Talent Education Conference, which will be held on September 11 at Xijiao Hotel Beijing, is themed on “integration development of traditional publishing and digital publishing”. Experts and enterprise representatives in digital publishing, new media, law, education, and finance will attend the conference.  

The integration of traditional language and technology generates a new industry, and becomes a new modern economic form. The “International Language and Culture Forum: Language Technology and Human Welfare”, to be held for the first time at ICCIE 2017, is to be conducted at the Beijing Foreign Studies University on September 12. The forum is divided into two parts: the main forum and the sub-forum, the main forum focusing on "Language Technology and Human Welfare" and the sub-forum on linguistic intelligence and its industrial development, language rehabilitation and human health, reference books and cultural inheritance, and language policy and language education.

The Cultural Museum + Technology: the Future of Museums Seminar to be held on September 12 in Beijing gives high priority to technology for the development of culture museums. Participants in the Seminar include relevant officials of the museums, experts of cultural museum institutes, universities and colleges and scientific research institutions and cultural museum enterprise representatives. They will study and discuss such issues as facilitating the development of Cultural Museum + Technology, advancing research and development and application of Cultural Museum + Technology, and encouraging interactions between enterprises and cultural museum institutes.

IP Drive: promoting the cultural consciousness of science-and-technology enterprises

Animation industry, a powerful force of the cultural and creative industry, is booming in China. What kind of industry opportunities will the animation industry encounter nowadays? With the theme of “The Big Data Era in the Dimension Industry—Sharing the Global Pan-entertainment Ecology”, the International Forum for the Animation Industry Development, which will be held on September 13 in Beijing, will not come at a better time.

The forum consists of a main forum and a sub-forum. The main forum will invite leading figures and industry representatives in anime games and the cultural and creative field to deliver keynote speeches on the industry status to probe into issues like cultivating and improving the cultural market in the "pan-entertainment" era, vigorously supporting wholesome cultural products, and utilizing the original IP to develop the animation industry. The sub-forum comprises two parts, with the first half centering on the prospect forecast of the animation industry in the "pan-entertainment" era and the second half on the project promotion and presentation.

As a brand project of the ICCIE, the International Forum for the Animation Industry Development has so far been conducted for 10 years. Over 300 participants will be invited to attend the forum, including leaders of relevant domestic authorities, enterprise representatives of the animation industry, digital content suppliers and investment institutions.

Quality Promotion: an urgent mission of the film industry

The following issues will be deliberated at the International Film Industry Development Seminar themed on “cinematic sound and the Chinese film industry”. First, the implementation of the cinematic sound technology; that is, to enhance the overall emotion of the film in sound creation; second, to think in the perspective of the audience while creating film sounds, in order to let the audience understand the content and meaning of the sound creation; third, the role of the film sound practitioners in the cinematic sound development, and the development and transformation of the film sound production as the industrial scale expands; and fourth, the approaches to integrate cinematic sound and the film industry to realize common development.

The Beijing International Copyright Conference and China Music Industry Conference will explore design copyright protection ways in the creative age, share successful design copyright operating experiences so as to propel the development of the music industry.