ICCIE 2017

Creativity, Culture, Technology and Wealth

Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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An Overview of the Promotions at ICCIE 2017

Sep 13, 2017 9:30:25 AM

The enthusiasm for all kinds of capitals is inspired by the unique advantage of the cultural industry―the green and sustainable development. In order to more effectively guide all kinds of capitals, especially the social capital into the cultural field, to promote thefinancing of small and micro enterprises, and to encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation, ICCIE 2017 will continue to enforce the transaction function, with 13 promotion and transaction activities to be held.

Promote cross-border integrations, and speed up transformation and upgrading

Themed on “constructing platforms, generating business opportunities, boosting integrations, and promoting cooperation”, the Cultural and Creative Industry Project Promotion and Business Cooperation Conference will be held on September 12 in Beijing. The promotion and roadshow activities mainly recommend cultural industry clusters, the animation industry, industrial design, cultural tourism and other typical cultural and creative industry projects. At the same time, other meetings will be organized, namely the annual meeting for the alliance of Chinese cultural industry parks, conference on the model innovation of the distinctive town, and Feng Huo exchange meeting on cultural and creative projects. Well-known entrepreneur representatives of the cultural and creative industry will introduce successful experiences at these meetings; experts in the cultural and creative field, representatives of investment and financing institutions, and entrepreneurs will also carry out exchanges and negotiations on specific topics. 

The cultural town project becomes the highlight of the promotion conference. Located in Wuhu, the Dapu distinctive town project, which is operated by Wo Jia Farm Creative Operation Company, aims at high-end industries and industrial high technologies, focusing on modern agriculture, animation farm, health care for the elderly, culture and creation, travel and leisure, physical fitness, finance, e-commerce and other advanced characteristic industries. With one distinctive town for each industry, the project provides cultural and sports products and services with distinctive regional characteristics. Fuzhou’s bodiless lacquer, operated by ZhongQiaoJiaXin Group, is a traditional Chinese art treasure with unique national styles and strong local characteristics, known as “Three Treasures” together with Beijing’s cloisonné and chinaware of Jingde town in Jiangxi province, enjoying good reputation from home and abroad. Fuzhou’s bodiless lacquer, which is referred to as “precious black onyx” and "national treasure”, wins worldwide acclaim with its beautiful shape, exquisite color and craftsmanship. The “Xiu” art of the bodiless lacquer, the culmination of the Chinese lacquer art, was approved and placed in the first national intangible cultural heritage list by the State Council in 2006.

The Fourth Promotion of Beijing’s Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development will be held in Beijing on September 12. The Promotion will take the form of "enterprise introduction + achievement demonstration + cooperation negotiation". Projects like the integration of culture and technology, culture and education, culture and tourism, culture and sports, culture and commerce, and culture and finance are included to attract relevant enterprises of culture, technology, education, sports, tourism, and finance, institutions and colleges and universities to participate in the promotion to enhance interactions between industries and enterprises. The Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries Cluster Zone Projects to be held on September 10 in Beijing, with the theme of “new strategy, new trend, new cultural and creative concept, and new city”, will focus on “cultural and creative parks, famous cultural tourism cities, culture technology and cultural and creative films and televisions”. The project promotion on famous cultural tourism cities in China incorporates major cultural and creative projects of the cities participating in the cultural tourism program "beautiful Chinese towns" and the cultural industry park project on Khitan’s Liao culture in Bairin Left Banner of the Inner Mongolia; the “culture + technology + tourism + film and television” project promotion presents the cultural industrial base project on Chan Sect in Xinxing county of Guangdong province and the cultural tourism project―Tian Niang in Maotai town, Guizhou province. How cultural industry parks, cultural tourism projects and the film and television industry develop with a steady pace and achieve industrial integration, transformation and upgrading will also be explored in the new strategic background for cultural development during the 13th Five-Year plan period.

Vigorously expand new international cooperation space for the cultural and creative industry

Promotion of Foreign Cultural Trade Policies and Enterprises, themed on "promoting cultural trades, expanding overseas markets", will be held on September 13 in Beijing. At the meeting, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions will interpret relevant foreign cultural trade policies, leaders of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce will introduce relevant situations of cultural trades in Beijing, and representative enterprises of cultural trades based in Beijing will share experiences in overseas expansion and introduce relevant public service platforms.

At the International Promotion and Exchange for Chinese Cultural Enterprises to "Go Global" to be held on September 12, National Base for International Cultural Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife of Sudan, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Alliance Francaise and Cultural Trade Platform of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone will conduct promotion and negotiation. Business leaders of China Animation Comic Game Group, StarTimes, BlueFocus, Gehua Group, Capital Museum, and Huayunshangde will have dialogues with principals of the State Hermitage Museum of Russia, Agora Gallery of New York, US, Filmakademie Baden Wurttemberg of Germany, ENSAD and CCIP of France, Hungarian Cultural Center, Romanian Cultural Center, and the Arab Information Center. Their topics include opportunities, challenges and countermeasures for internationalization of Chinese cultural enterprises and paths and sustainable development for Chinese and foreign cultural cooperation. The success stories of Chinese cultural enterprises going global will also be shared at the meeting.

The 2017 Promotion of Creative Design by International Master Craftsmen will be held on September 12 in Beijing, themed on “workmanship of artisans, ingenuity of artworks”. Based on traditional Chinese cultural elements and artisans’ skills of repairing palaces, through the form of technology + product, distinctive collections and artworks of various countries, will be exhibited vividly in a variety of ways, with the audience able to participate in. Project promotion, cultural exchange, cooperation project signing activity will also be held to encourage Chinese workmanship culture to go global.

The “Belt and Road” Business Salon to be held on September 9 in Beijing is themed on “Join the Belt and Road to accelerate win-win development”. The keynote speech on the Belt and Road initiative brings new opportunities for economic and trade cooperation between Beijing and Taiwan, shares economic and trade cooperation experiences of enterprises in Beijing and Taiwan, and explores the difficulties and experiences of Taiwan’s enterprises in cross-strait trades, to contribute to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

Cultural and financial innovation to ease the financing difficulties

The 6th China Summit of Cultural Finance Innovation emphasizes financial innovation, designing various channels and models like venture investment, bank credit and Internet financing. The summit will focus on displaying high-quality cultural and creative projects, and releasing Beijing's top 30 cultural and creative enterprises with the highest investment value. It is known that the lists issued by previous summits has become important references for financial institutions to make investment decisions.

Meanwhile, keynote speeches and specific dialogues will be conducted, and relevant government leaders and experts of top venture capital companies will deliver speeches at the summit. Their topics are on cultural and financial development, how to utilize capital to construct a cultural ecological circle, the role of finance in speeding up ecological development of the cultural and creative industry, new forms of the cultural industry and investment opportunities, and the vision of the "culture +"cross-border integration.

Great efforts have been made at the Promotion of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financing Projects to improve promotion quality, enrich financial innovation, and promote the joint of parties. Various channels and models like venture investment, bank credit and Internet financing are designed to enrich financial innovation, and to serve startups in the cultural and creative industry. Promotion and roadshow for investment and financing projects and markets for high-quality cultural and creative projects are planned to improve the efficiency and success of joints.

Specific dialogues will also be carried out to study how to construct a real super IP creatively and innovatively, the future of entrepreneurship on content, and the already-come future of the film and television industry.