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Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2015 - Beijing, China
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Work of originality – paper cutting animated film made its debut release at 6th ICCIE

Dec 16, 2011 5:13:01 PM

In the morning of 10 November, a 30 series of paper-cutting animated film made by Yan’an, an old revolutionary base of the CPC, named Yanhe Bay made its debut release at Beijing News Plaza Hotel.
This animated film was joint efforts of Yan’an Performing Company and Shanghai Shuimu Animation Design Co., Ltd in a time of two years with supports from experts and leaders of all sides. At the press conference, creator of the original image of the paper-cutting, China’s modern paper-cutting master JIA Sigui and deputy president of Shuimu Animation spoke of their hardship and joy over the process of creation. Yanhe Bay combines beautifully the traditional Chinese paper-cutting folk art popular in north of Shaanxi Province and modern animation technique, and present it in a form of movie and TV drama, which is national and original. It is a perfect example of fork art going industrialization and is the only original product that reflects the present life of the new countryside.