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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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Event Plan for the 6th China Cultural and Financial Innovation Summit

Sep 13, 2017 9:45:47 AM

I. Event Background

As one of the series of events of the “ICCIE”, China Cultural and Financial Innovation Summit has been successfully held for five sessions. To further promote the co-prosperity and development of cultural & creative industries and financial capitals, create a heat of “mass entrepreneurship” for independent entrepreneurship in Beijing area and further release the vitality of small and medium-sized cultural enterprises, Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center, working together with Zero2IPO, again held the China Cultural and Financial Innovation Summit to integrate the high-end resources of the financial sector and cultural industry, get insight of the industrial directions and trends, and promote the transformation and development of cultural & creative industries with the power of capital.


II. Basic Information

Name of Event: The 6th China Cultural and Financial Innovation Summit

Time: Thursday, September 7, 2017

Location: Boyue Beijing Hotel

Scale: 300 persons

Organizer: Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center

Sponsor: Zero2IPO


III. Event Design

In order to continue the brand of the Summit and enhance the degree of participation, in the early stage of the Summit, the official website of the event will be built for investment sector to collect cultural & creative projects, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of the mass for innovation; publicity and promotion will also be conducted for the Summit with the help of WeChat and news report;

In order to highlight the authority of the Summit, we specially invite relevant leaders from cultural & creative industries and specialists from top venture capital institutions to participate in the conference and give speeches, so as to comprehensively enhance the industry influence of the Summit; at the conference, we will announce the top 50 cultural & creative enterprises in Beijing with the most investment value to investigate and explore the future stars enterprise;

In order to enrich the financial innovation, based on retaining the original financial innovation, in combination with the current situation, the design for the Summit includes venture capital, bank credit, Internet banking financing and other multi-channel ways to provide services for cultural & creative entrepreneurship;

In order to reinforce the docking effect, the Summit will release the list of Top 50 Cultural & Creative Enterprises in Beijing with the Most Investment Value, and invite the selected enterprises as the representatives of many cultural & creative enterprises to participate in the Summit, so as to help with the docking between the investment and financing parties. The previous lists released in the last five summits have become the important references for institutions to make investments.


IV. Summit Agenda

The 6th China Cultural and Financial Innovation Summit

On Thursday morning, September 7, 2017           Cultural and Financial Innovation Summit


Opening Remarks by the Host


Speeches by Guests


Awarding and Signing Ceremony

l  Release and Awarding Ceremony of Top 50 Cultural & Creative Enterprises in Beijing with the Most Investment Value

l  Cultural & Creative Enterprises Signing Ceremony


Keynote Speech: How does Capital Create Cultural Ecology?

Liu Xiaosong, Founding Partner of Qingsong Fund


Keynote Speech: To Promote the Ecological Development of Cultural & Creative Industries with Finance as Wings

Xu Zewei, Founder, Chairman & CEO of 91 Financial Information Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Keynote Speech: New Form Derivation of Cultural Industry and Investment Opportunities

Ji Wei, Founding Managing Partner of Meridian Capital


Keynote Speech: Cultural and Financial Development

Liu Deliang, Founder of Xinyuan Think Tank and Xinyuan Venture Capital


Special Dialogue: “Culture+”, Cross-border Fusion of Imagination

Chen Chunliu, Culture Fund Partner of HG Capital

Chen Yuetian, Partner of Sea of Stars Capital

Hu Weidong, Founder & CEO of Zuoyu Capital

Liu Tianhang, Managing Director of Culture and Media Industry Investment Department, ZZ Capital

Lu Hongyu, Partner of DT Capital

Thursday, September 7, 2017             Parallel Events


Presentation of High-quality Cultural & Creative Projects


   End of the Event