ICCIE 2017

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Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2017 - Beijing, China
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Cultural & Creative Industry Project Promotion and Business Cooperation Promotion Conference

Sep 13, 2017 9:46:13 AM

I. Event Description:

Relying on the national platform of “ICCIE”, in order to better serve the relevant provincial, district and municipal government functional institutions, enterprises and institutions to achieve cultural and creative industrial structure adjustment, resource integration, information exchange, project promotion, industry chain docking, financing cooperation, product transactions, etc., the ICCIE Organizing Committee Office, together with the relevant organizations will continue to organize the “Cultural & Creative Industry Project Promotion and Business Cooperation Promotion Conference” during the 12th ICCIE.


II. Conference Content:

This event will focus on promoting the national cultural industry support policies, promoting cultural & creative industries and resource development projects, promoting the featured cultural industry cluster (park, base, cluster), animation industry, industrial design, digital content, cultural tourism, cultural industries and other representative cultural & creative industry projects, and so on;

This event will actively explore new business formats based on the previous events, focusing on the cultivation of new business formats, adhering to the “content-oriented” guideline, gradually forming “culture + technology”, “culture + finance”, “culture + trade”, “culture + tourism”, “culture + innovation” and other characteristics. The event will highlight the latest achievements in the development of China's cultural industry, the latest technology and the latest product to implant the latest results and the highest level of cultural resources which represent China's cultural industry development into the ICCIE.


III. Purpose of Event:

Event Theme: To Build Platform, Gather Business Opportunities, Help with Integration and Promote Cooperation.

Purpose of Event: Relying on the national platform of the ICCIE, to promote the cultural industry policies, collect, release and promote cultural & creative industry projects, enhance industrial docking and project cooperation.


IV. Time and Location:

Time: September 12, 2017, 09:30-17:30

Location: Beijing Yulong International Hotel

Scale: Around 180 persons.


V. Project Matters:

The project areas to be promoted on this conference include: cultural industry cluster (park, base, cluster), animation industry, industrial design, cultural tourism and other representative cultural & creative industry projects, and so on.


VI. Publicity:

1. Publicity before the conference: collect cultural & creative industry projects by releasing project information through the publicity platform of the ICCIE; joint key project parties to provide news articles and report to the publicity department of the ICCIE to communicate and report the representative projects.

2. Publicity during the conference: invite the media (such as, television, newspapers, networks, etc.) for on-site interviews of the attending guests and enterprise representatives, communicate and report the conference.

3. Publicity after the conference: collect and organize the relevant media reports, report the publicity department of the ICCIE for archive; invite the media for in-depth interviews of project parties and follow-up publicity of the project parties.


VII. Conference Agenda: (proposed)

Speeches by Leaders - We propose to invite the heads of the relevant ministries and commissions to interpret national cultural industry policies

The proposed contents include: declaration procedures and key points for national and local government cultural industry development special fund; cultural & creative industry project investment & financing and financial institutions, private capital financing cooperation; cultural industry park, demonstration base, industrial cluster construction, investment cooperation and operation development; interpretation of key points for national supporting cultural industry development policy system, such as: animation, intangible cultural heritage, industrial design, tourism, cultural relics protection, exhibition awards, talent training, and so on; cultural & creative industry project promotion, trade, market cooperation and business model expansion. Cultural & creative industry IPRs and awards, key points analysis of awarded projects.

To invite representatives of well-known entrepreneurs in the field of cultural & creative industries to introduce successful experiences;

Roadshow activities for key promotion of cultural & creative industry projects;

Thematic exchanges and negotiations between experts in cultural & creative industries, representatives of investment and financing institutions, entrepreneurs, and so on;

To organize cultural industry park project exchange, calligraphy and painting art project exchange, Fenghuo cultural & creative project exchange and other activities.